Free Handover Report Templates (PDF)

A handover report template is a useful tool used to specify the transfer of responsibilities or projects from one employee or department to another. This report is usually made at the end of a day, project, or when the employee leaves the company.

What is a handover report?

A handover report is a crucial document that ensures the smooth running of any organization. It is used to transfer responsibilities, knowledge, expertise, and projects from one employee to another. This report contains information about completed work, ongoing projects, and pending tasks.


Furthermore, a handover report helps to maintain the continuity of work by ensuring that the knowledge gained during a project or shift is not lost when an employee leaves. It provides incoming employees insight into the following aspects;

  • Ongoing tasks/projects
  • Relevant work schedules
  • Pending projects/tasks
  • Upcoming events
  • Upcoming deadlines
  • Log-in details and many more

The importance of a handover report:

You can use a handover report in many scenarios such as;

  • When there is a change in personnel
  • When you are assigned to a different project
  • When you have to take over for another person because they are on vacation

The report must include all details about a specific task or project that will be handed over. Write it professionally with appropriate language. Here are some reasons why you should create a handover report;

  • The report prevents disruptions in operations by ensuring consistent transition of responsibilities, projects, or tasks between employees or departments.
  • It helps to preserve institutional knowledge and to prevent the loss of important insights. In addition, the report facilitates ongoing projects and pending tasks.
  • The handover report clarifies expectations for both outgoing and incoming employees by providing a documented record detailing completed work and pending tasks.
  • It ensures smoother operations and reduces the risks associated with overlooked tasks during transitions.

What to include in a handover report?

A handover report should include the following sections;


The introduction section states the purpose and context of the handover report and the department or projects being handed over.

Summary of completed work

The summary includes the completed tasks or projects, achievements, and outcomes.


Ongoing projects

This section details the ongoing projects such as their status, progress achieved, and any pending or upcoming deadlines.

Pending tasks

The tasks yet to be completed should be included in this part. Specify their priority, deadlines, and any necessary resources.

Challenges and recommendations

Any challenges encountered during the handover process, outline them and offer recommendations.


In the conclusion section of a handover report, summarize its key points and show readiness for further assistance.

Business Handover Report For the New Council

business handover report for the new council
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Free Handover Report Template

free handover report template
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Handover Notes Template

handover notes template
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Handover Progress Report Template

handover progress report template
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How to make a comprehensive handover report?

Consider the following steps to create a comprehensive handover report;

Discuss the progress of the projects

First, create a list of the ongoing plans or projects before writing the contents in the official report. Write down the progression of each project by using a handover report template. In the case of a construction project, the handover report comes along with the construction project report for the assistance of the succeeding engineer or supervisor. Usually, the outgoing employee creates and gives this report to the incoming employee.

The deadline schedule

The predetermined schedule is an important aspect of a handover report. This report should also specify the deadlines of ongoing projects along with the business control plan. Highlight the set schedule and target dates of the plan while customizing the template.

Set a to-do list for the incoming employee

To minimize the workload of the incoming employee, specify their duties and responsibilities. With the handover report, the employee determines the results and the activities under their supervision.

State the ongoing difficulties

A list of challenges in the workplace should also be included in the report. The report should mention the issue in case the current employee cannot complete the task.

Some additional tips to create a handover report:

These are as follows;

  • Depending on what you do in your job, be specific and tailor your content. Don’t write the report in a general manner as it gives the incoming employees a long time to figure out what their responsibilities are.
  • Keep the handover report organized so that it will be easier for the reader to understand.
  • Highlight the tasks that need the sudden attention of the new employee.
  • Leave instructions to make the transition effective and efficient for both incoming and outgoing employees. The instructions should be in detail so that it would be easier for the new employee to adapt to the work environment and the designation assigned to them.


What are the advantages of a handover report?

Creating a handover report provides the following advantages;
1- Smooth transitions
2- Continuity of operations
3- Minimize errors
4- Effective knowledge transfer
5- Improved productivity

During a handover, what are the responsibilities of an outgoing project manager?

The outgoing manager should provide details like the names of employees involved in the project and their roles. Also, specify the customers and stakeholders of the handover.

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