Free Printable Daycare Contract Template (Word / PDF)


A daycare contract template is similar to a babysitter’s service contract. This document allows the parents/guardians to hire a daycare business to care for their child. Unlike babysitters, daycare is the physical locations in which the children must be dropped off.

Generally, daycares vary from one another. They offer a lot of different services. For kids who have to be cared for overnight or for extended periods of time, they are open 24 hours. While, some may even be full-fledged residential houses. They provide children an alternative to living at home with a babysitter.

Daycare licensing and registration:


Daycare service centers should be make sure to get the requisite licensing and get themselves registered before drawing up a services contract. According to state laws, they have to follow a number of policies and pass a fair amount of inspections. These includes the safety codes and building administration codes. Also, they include how many people can be in the building, what type of services they can offer, their hours of operation, and more.

Do you need a daycare contract?

A daycare contract is required by someone who is interested in enlisting childcare services and wants some degree of legal protection afforded to them. This generally includes the following;

  • Parents or guardians who leave their children in the care of a daycare services provider.
  • Daycare service providers especially, individuals who aren’t tied up with a business like nannies, babysitters, and more.
  • Large-scale organizations that want to indicate their policy, rules, regulations, and hours.

Things to consider in daycare contract:

Drafting a daycare contract may vary from state to state. For licensed daycares, many states have registries. You visit them and obtain a license and register your center a prerequisite. When that is done, they have to confirm the following;

  • The hours in which they function
  • Their price structure
  • The miscellaneous services they offer
  • Mention how flexible they can be

All of this should be mentioned in the daycare service agreement. It is especially essential to secure themselves from any sort of liability further down the line. You may also like Babysitter Contract Templates.

Payment and compensation:

Organizations and individual daycare service providers should outline their fee structure in the daycare service contract. Insert another section in the agreement and mention the fees and the method in which the service provider(s) is paid. Include the following;

  • The fee
  • The method of payment
  • Intervals of payment
  • A clause that explains the procedures in case of late payment

Daycare (Childcare) Agreement Form

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Free Daycare Contract Template

free daycare contract template
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Printable Daycare Contract Template

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Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)


How does daycare payment work?

This may differ to a great degree among facilities and/or service providers. Larger organizations that handle a number of kids generally expect that at the start of the enrollment term, parents/guardians to make a deposit and then charge monthly. Individual daycare providers like nannies and babysitters usually charge per session on the basis of the locality and the tasks they will have to do while caring for the children. Generally, an hourly fee ranging $15 to $25.

How to get out of a daycare contract?

Daycare contracts usually has a cancellation clause. This clause enables either party to terminate the agreement prematurely. The parents or guardians who want to out of a daycare contract just have to simply fill in a cancellation form. Then, submit it to the appropriate people. They will also have to pay the fees in case they have any outstanding fees. You should also bear in mind that daycare service centers may charge a cancellation fee as well.


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