Free Alabama LLC Operating Agreement Template (Word / PDF)

Alabama LLC operating agreement template is a legal document that assists in coordinating the internal affairs of your company. This document clearly outlines the ownership structure and the operating procedures. With the State of Alabama, you are not legally mandated to file the LLC operating agreement document, but it provides your LLC company legal formality.

What to include in a LLC operating agreement?

Flexible LLC

The LLC operating agreement contains a management structure that defines the powers and responsibilities of each member as it is an internal affairs document. There is a framework that defines the roles and responsibilities of each member as LLC in Alabama with operating agreements run smoothly.

You should include the following specific elements in any standard Alabama LLC operating agreement;

LLC name

The official name of your company and any trademarks related to your company must be clearly stated in complete Alabama LLC operating agreement. State your official company name as appears in your Certificate of Formation that you have filed with the Alabama Secretary of State. You may also like New Hampshire LLC Operating Agreement Templates.

Ownership details

Give information of how the LLC is owned and the agreed management structure such as a sole-member, members-managed, or manager-managed model.

Rights and responsibilities

It’s important to specify everyone’s roles and responsibilities if the LLC has more than one member. You must keep a list of all members and a record of their initial financial contributions. In your Alabama LLC, a clear separation of powers and roles will help minimize disputes and increase productivity. In addition, you must have a well-defined policy on how decisions are made in your LLC.

Member voting rules

It gives a framework that in your Alabama LLC how elections or resolutions can be passed. The members that have the powers to vote, the voting procedures, the weight of each member’s vote, and how to handle split votes will be outlined.

Profit distributions

If Alabama LLC has more than one member, this section states that how profits realized by it will be distributed among members. According to the member’s initial contributions or the percentage of ownership, distribution of profits realized can be done. The time required for making distributions should be clearly stated.

Member change process

An Alabama LLC operating agreement should also have a framework that outlines how new members can be included. Furthermore, the agreement clearly specifies how existing members can be removed and under what scenarios. These instructions should also demonstrate the financial implications of taking such steps as well as the roles and responsibilities of the new members. You should also check Tennessee LLC Operating Agreement Template.


For LLCs in Alabama, it is not requirement to file their operating agreement with the state. It is very paramount to have a signed copy in your company records. By making your LLC a legal business entity, record keeping protects it.

Meeting requirements

To create order and transparency, you have to define the structure of all types of meetings that your Alabama LLC will be engaging. It outlines the type of meetings, the convener, topics to be discussed, venue, and time.

Human resources topics

This section of the agreement gives detailed human resource regulations and policies. Additionally, it also stipulates how employees and members of your Alabama LLC should conduct themselves.

Rules and regulations

Clear operational rules and regulations must be featured by your Alabama LLC operating agreement. Makes sure by having standard operating procedures that both the employees and members know the framework in which they are expected to do their duties.

Severability provision

In case there is an error in one or a few sections, this section protects your whole Alabama LLC operating agreement from becoming invalid. You may also see Colorado LLC Operating Agreement Template.

Free Alabama LLC Operating Agreement Template

free alabama llc operating agreement template
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Alabama Single Member LLC Operating Agreement Form

alabama single member llc operating agreement form
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Alabama LLC Operating Agreement Template

alabama llc operating agreement template
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In conclusion, an Alabama LLC operating agreement template is a formal document that outlines the governing structure, regular operating procedures, and the responsibilities of each LLC member. When you create an operating agreement, it will add legal credibility to your company.

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