Printable Arkansas LLC Operating Agreement Templates (Word / PDF)

An Arkansas LLC operating agreement template is an internal legal document that builds the business arrangement between the members of an LLC. This agreement outlines the LLC’s financial and operational management structure. Separating the business from the members and ensuring that members’ personal assets are not affected in litigation against the business are the most important uses of an Operating Agreement.

Reasons for creating the LLC operating agreement:

This agreement assists the LLCs in various ways that are explained below;

State’s recommendation

All members of an LLC should enter into a written operating agreement according to the Arkansas State through section 4-32-102(11) of the state code. You may also like Alabama LLC Operating Agreement Template.

Preserve LLC status

All operating agreements assist in preserving the LLC status of a business entity and separating it from its members. When a business faces legal actions, this is especially useful. Furthermore, an LLC Operating Agreement will assist in making sure that the members’ assets remain untouched.

Conflict prevention

An Operating Agreement sets clear terms regarding every member’s authority, role, and responsibilities for a multi-member LLC. Thus, it helps in preventing future disagreements.

Formal verbal agreements

When one party acts contrary to the provisions, agreements penned down are easily referable. You can eliminate cases of blurry recollections of business arrangements by having an LLC Operating Agreement.

Protection from state’s interference

Without an internal Operating Agreement, an LLC subjects itself to the default Arkansas LLC laws. To set desired terms and conditions, an LLC Operating Agreement provides businesses the freedom. However, members have the freedom to share profit with pre-established percentages with an LLC Operating Agreement in place. You should also check New Hampshire LLC Operating Agreement Templates.

Flexibility in LLC

When compared to others, an LLC is a very flexible type of formal business. Since the agreement allows every aspect of an LLC to be tailored so it is responsible for the flexibility.

Legitimate business

The operating agreement provides an outlook of legitimacy to a business. It makes sure third parties of the professionalism involved in running the business. As a result, before committing funds to the business, banks, investors, and other interested parties often ask to see a business’s LLC Operating Agreement.

How to form an LLC in Arkansas?

At first, you have to find out about the availability of the planned business name. Then, the prospective business may proceed to file an application after confirmation of the availability of the business name. An application to form an LLC in Arkansas will include the following things;

Registration certificate

As Domestic or Foreign, LLCs in Arkansas can be registered. Through an online portal or PDF paper forms, applications for the Articles of Organization and Certificate of Registration are acceptable.


During the submission of application documents, all applications require a filing fee. The fee is $45 online and $50 for PDF paper forms in case of Domestic LLC filings. While, the fee is $270 online and $300 for PDF paper forms for Foreign LLC filings.

Moreover, Foreign LLC filings need that a Certificate of Good Standing or a same document have to be displayed along with the application. From the original place of formation, the Foreign LLC must have obtained this document.

Operating agreement

It is highly recommended that businesses do not leave out this important element while Arkansas has not made it compulsory for an LLC to make an Operating Agreement. It highlights the LLC member’s rights and responsibilities and assists in preventing any legal dispute.

Employment identification number

The EIN helps the IRS to determine businesses for tax matters. For the EIN, businesses can apply on the IRS website or by mail with PDF Form SS-4. You may also see Tennessee LLC Operating Agreement Template.

Free Arkansas LLC Operating Agreement Template

arkansas llc operating agreement template
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Arkansas Single Member LLC Operating Agreement Template

arkansas single member llc operating agreement template
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Arkansas Multi Member LLC Operating Agreement Template

arkansas multi member llc operating agreement template
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In conclusion, an Arkansas LLC operating agreement template is a legal document that guides the continuous operation of the LLC. This agreement is a unique document that address each business’ particular needs.

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