Professional Introduction Emails to New Clients (Examples & Templates)

An introduction emails to new clients is sent to introduce yourself professionally. It is the part of marketing strategy to introduce your business to new clients. These introduction emails help your clients in understanding your business nature and increase conversion. You should use the right and professional tone in your Email. Additionally, introduce yourself in an email is different from introducing yourself in a phone conversation.

What is an introductory email?

Email is the widely used means of communication in the business world. Introductory emails contain messages that are sent to initiate communication with a professional contact. The main purpose of introductory emails is to introduce yourself or the products or services that your company offers to new and existing clients. However, it can be used in a number of ways such as;

  • It is used to introduce you to potential clients.
  • To inform existing clients about new employees.
  • Introducing your business to new clients
  • When you meet with a potential client, for following up.

How to write an introductory email?

Before writing an introductory email, you have to make sure that you can compose it in a proper manner because you will be sending this email to people you do not know personally. A well-draft email should consist of the following 5 major components; You may also like the Accountant Resume Template.

Subject line:

It is the most important part of the introductory email. Also, clients can receive hundreds of business correspondences email each day. So, they are very busy people. You must include a great subject line to make your email stand out and grabs the client’s attention. The subject line should be clear and accurate.


It is also important to greet your clients warmly and personally. Avoid using generic phrases. You should properly address the recipient of the letter by his/her name.


In the body of the email, you should inform the clients who you are, where you are from, and why you are contacting them. Furthermore, both the introduction and body of the email should be clear and to the point. You should also include your company and your position. It will help the client to clearly understand who you are and why you are writing.


In closing, appreciate your client for taking the time to read your email. By thanking the clients, end your email on a positive note. You should also state that you are happy to have made the connection. In addition, ask them to contact you any time if they have any questions or concerns.


In the end, you should show some level of professionalism by using “Sincerely,” “best regard,” or “yours faithfully.” Include your name, contact number, and your company’s name. You should also check New Landlord Introduction Letter.

Printable Introduction Emails to New Clients

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Introduction Emails to New Clients

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Intro Email to New Client

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Some tips to follow:

Here are a few tips that will help you to draft an effective introductory email;

  • Most importantly, you should make it precise. We have discussed above that the recipient is busy and does not have a ton of spare time. It should be to the point. Your email should consist of 300-500 words. These are the best number of words for the letter.
  • Your letter should be written in a formal and right tone. Write your letter on behalf of your business. Also, don’t be too formal.
  • When you have all done with your email, proofread it to make sure that it is free of any grammar mistakes. If your email is full of typos it can create a bad image of your organization. The client may also feel that you don’t have the ability to compose a great introductory email.
  • To make your clients feel valued and appreciated, you should address them by their name. You may also see Vendor Termination Letter Template.


In conclusion, an introduction email to new clients makes you able to introduce yourself or your products or services to your new and existing clients in a professional way. The letter should be written in a way that convinces the clients in a professional tone.

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