Free Virginia LLC Operating Agreement Template (Word)


LLC entities use a Virginia LLC operating agreement template to highlight the rules and procedures of running the entity and the owner’s expectations. The members collectively determine and prepare its contents. Thus, the agreement becomes legally binding to each LLC member.

Furthermore, the roles and responsibilities of each member and manager, conflict resolution policies, and how decisions are made in the company are other details included in the document.

The significance of operating agreement:


Here are the reasons that why a Virginia LLC should consider drafting its operating agreement;

Recommendation of state

The state of Virginia under the Code of Virginia Section 13.1 – 1023 suggests using an operating agreement as it streamlines the running of the business. It enables the members or owners of an LLC company to have more autonomy in running their company.

Protection of LL status

This agreement strengths the company’s separation from the owner’s assets. In this way, the limited liability status is provided an extra layer. Furthermore, in case of litigation or bankruptcy of the entity, the owner(s) and their assets are secured. The operating agreement also increases the LLC’s credibility to external parties like investors and creditors.

Verbal agreement clarification

This document is a chance for members of an LLC to place all their verbal agreements in writing. Since there is no confusion on what was agreed on, the writing agreements are more enforceable and held up better in court.

Protection of agreement

LLC secures the operating agreements made among LLC members. On LLCs, the default Virginia state laws cannot be used to govern how the business should be run. The reason behind is that state laws are generic and will generally fail to meet certain expectations of the company owners.


They are free to identify how multiple aspects of the business are carried out as a Virginia LLC operating agreement is based on the LLC members’ expectations. When you put all agreed-upon aspects in writing, it assists mitigate potential confusion and conflicts about how the LLC should deal with specific situations. Without external influence, all this is achieved.

Open business account

To authenticate an LLC status of an LC company, external parties such as banks and creditors use an operating agreement. Therefore, LLC companies can use operating agreement to open their business accounts and apply for loans.

Right mindset for business

LLC members can plan how the company will attain its goals through an operating agreement. They can pay attention and have the right motivation towards the company’s success by having all members abide by the agreement.

Conflict prevention


Within a business, mitigation of conflict is essential for its success. All the governing rules and protocols are in writing makes sure that there are no misunderstandings among LLC members. Every member is allocated their roles and responsibilities. Hence, in terms of the execution of duties, there are no crossovers. You may also like Single Member LLC Operating Agreement Templates.

How to form LLC operating agreement?

Here are the steps to follow;

Find registered agent

At first, the Virginia LLC members have to appoint a registered agent and a physical Virginia address to display the company in state.


Choose type of LLC

Then, the LLC member should register the company with the State clerk. They can register as either a domestic LLC or a foreign LLC.

Filing fee

To finalize the application process, a filing fee of $100 should be paid to the State Corporation Commission. Online payments will generally need the applicant to have a credit card.


Operating agreement

The Virginia LLC operating agreement can be prepared and signed when the application is successful. This agreement is compulsory by law.


Finally, for the LLC, an Employer Identification Number can be obtained. This number is used for tax purposes, opening a bank account, and so on.

Free Virginia LLC Operating Agreement Template

free virginia llc operating agreement template
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Operating Agreement for Member Managed Limited Liability Company

operating agreement for member managed limited liability company
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Virginia LLC Operating Agreement Sample

virginia llc operating agreement sample
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In conclusion, when an LLC entity has been registered with the secretary of state, a Virginia LLC operating agreement is formed. This document must be as detailed as possible.

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