Free Georgia LLC operating Agreement Templates (Word)

A Georgia LLC operating agreement template is a legal agreement that gives all details of every Limited Liability Company (LLC) member regarding the ownership structure, management, rights, and responsibilities. This agreement covers the distribution structure and modalities of profits as well as details of what is expected of new members in terms of investment.

The benefits of LLC operating agreement:

Let us discuss below the benefits of LLC operating agreement;

Clarity in verbal agreement

If you want to run a successful business then oral agreements among members are not enough. The operating assists you in putting all that in writing. This agreement is signed by all parties involved. In the case of misunderstandings and conflicts among members, it becomes a reference point.

Avoid state interference

The rules and codes of conduct mention in your LLC operating agreement become the presiding guidelines for the operation of the business.

Legitimate LLC

Having an operating agreement provides your business credibility and legitimacy. It is another importance of this agreement. In many cases, before deciding whether or not to do business with you, many investors will ask to see the contract and what it entails.

Protection for personal assets

The operating agreement assists you in separating your business assets from your assets like houses, cars, bank accounts, and more.

Flexible LLC

LLCs are usually flexible. This is a massive advantage for you particularly when you are making an operating agreement for your business. You may also like Virginia LLC Operating Agreement Template.

What to include in Georgia LLC operating agreement?

Here are the components to include in your agreement;

LLC name

It is important to clearly specify what sort of business you intend to run. Then, indicate its complete name as recognized by the Georgia Secretary of State while you are registering the company.


The request of the LLC be expressly stated in the document as mentioned in your Articles of Organization in order to avoid disagreements and disputes in the future. Furthermore, it also contains the names, titles, addresses, and percentage of ownership each member has.

Management structure

The LLCs can be managed by the members or manager. The way you decide to address your LLC must be represented in your Georgia LLC operating agreement. The “manager-managed” setup provides management powers to a specific member to handle.

Duties of members

An LLC must have outlined roles and responsibilities of members and managers likewise every successful business. This forbids frictions, and arguments, and fosters growth.

Voting rights and responsibilities

You have to make sure that your operating agreement clearly states what actions will need member votes. Also, indicate the percentage that would be needed to approve said votes.


You have to ensure that the methods and structures of distribution of profits are clearly stated and agreed upon by members while making your Georgia LLC operating agreement.

Holding meetings

For the growth and longevity of any business, regular meetings between members and managers are important. Therefore, your operating agreement must contain meeting dates.

Buyout and buy-sell rules

Buyout and buy-sell agreements are agreements between owners of businesses. They make decision that what happens when a member leaves the company. You should also include in the agreement that what will happen to a member’s ownership percentage when they leave.

Succession planning

In the event of the death or retirement of founding members, for the succession of the business, your Georgia LLC operating agreement must make plans.


The agreement must include the details and procedures for dissolution as agreed upon by members in case members decide to dissolve the business.

Amendments to the agreement

For the modification in the document, there must be laid down procedures and guidelines. The agreement must be signed by all members involved.

Severability provision

In the operating agreement, this clause validates the operating agreement as a whole. You may also see Single Member LLC Operating Agreement Templates.

Free Fillable Georgia LLC Operating Agreement

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Georgia LLC Operating Agreement Template

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Georgia Multi-Member LLC Operating Agreement Template

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In conclusion, a Georgia LLC operating agreement template is a legal document that gives protection to your business’ limited liability status and your assets and provides clarification of verbal contracts.

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