A permission letter to use a place is written when you need legal authorization to hold the keys for a venue that maybe eventually used for hosting events. This letter is addressed to the relevant authority that is in-charge of that particular venue. It acts as a record of permission requested for future reference. You may also like Permission Letter to Use Property.

How to write a permission letter to use a place?

Here are some tips that you should follow during writing this letter;

Use a formal language:

It is a formal letter not friendly so you have to make use of a formal language. The term formal means that the letter shouldn’t contain any slang, fluff or inappropriate words and suggestions. It is the great way to avoid any confusion.

State the reasons that why you require a place:

You have to clearly state the reason that why you need a place. Don’t use too many words or phrases in order to avoid any ambiguities. You should also state the exact reason. Keep in mind that the recipient of the letter asks further clarification from you later on. So, never include the content that creates confusion.

Provide the necessary contact details:

Most importantly, include your contact details. By providing the contact details, you allow the recipient for smooth correspondences if and when the time to do so comes. It indicates that you are truly serious and what is in your mind.

Use the second person:

You should use the second person throughout the letter. For this, make use of the words like ‘you,’ ‘yours,’ and so on. In this way, the recipient determines the complete length and breadth of the letter. Also, it makes it possible to understand the information easily.

Proofread it:

Before submitting the letter, proofread it thoroughly. Remove any grammatical mistakes and other sentences that do not make any sense at all. You should submit a copy that is precise, clear and to the point. You should also check Letter of Authorization from property Owner.

Permission Letter to Use a Place

permission letter to use a place
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Request for Permission to Use the City Hall for a Fund Drive

request for permission to use the city hall for a fund drive
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In conclusion, a permission letter to use a place is a formal document that should be addressed to the proper authority. The ultimate goal of wiring this letter is to seek permission for a venue that maybe eventually used for hosting events. Keep the content formal, brief, and to the point. Most importantly, don’t forget to provide contact information for reference.

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