Free Need Statement for Grant Proposal Examples (PDF)

When you want to secure funding, you have to write a need statement for grant proposal example and it is a very critical task. The main aim of the needs statement is to persuade the potential funder that there is an important requirement or demand in a community that your project will look for to address.

Furthermore, there are important elements that must be included in the needs statement. It is recommended to put it at the beginning of your grant proposal. These will assist you in winning over your potential funder.

How to write and format an effective needs statement?

Here are the tips to follow while writing and formatting your needs statement;

Give plenty of proof

You write your needs statement to convince your funder. It is advisable to write an effective needs statement in case you have conducted thorough research on the problem area you want to solve. You can use facts from experts to present a logically convincing argument in the field, comparative statistics, emerging trends. You should ensure that you are using recent and updated information. You may also like the projected income statement template.

Moreover, giving data from years back will reduce your chances since it will not provide the current picture of the condition in your community. Take advantage of your data to specify your funder the importance of the problem.

Write in simple language

You should present your needs statement in a simple language. Don’t use ambiguous words and scientific jargons may be the funder will find difficult to grasp. By using simple language, you make sure that your potential funder can digest your statement and understands that their help is needed.

Explain on the sense of urgency

Make sure to bring out to the funder while writing your needs statement that that the need is urgent. To fill in the gap in the community, prompt action is needed. In this way, the funder will be compelled to release the grant suddenly. Thus, without any further delays, your organization can commence the project.

Offer real-life examples

A vivid picture of the situation will bring by documenting the kind of struggles the people in the society face to the funder. For instance, in the community, you may want to solve a water problem. Humanity will touch by describing the real-life stories like long distances people have to travel, the poor quality of water they drink, the water-borne diseases they are exposed to the funder. Consequently, to address the situation, they are moved to offer their resources.

Pinpoint the main problem

Every community faces many issues. Therefore, take these issues the community faces that your organization wants to solve. You can also specify the challenges in implementing your program. Everything will be cleared on the funder’s mind that what their grant money will do when he goes through the needs statement.

To the funder’s goals, connect your project

It’s important that you know the funder’s goals or purpose while seeking a grant. The funder may include a corporation, trust or foundation, government department, and more. When you align the problems, then whatever the project you want to launch, it makes sure that funder’s interests and makes them keep in line with their vision. You should also check the budget proposal template.

Free Grant Proposal Needs Statement Example

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Educational Need Statement Template

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Guidelines for Preparing Research Needs Statements

guidelines for preparing research needs statements
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In conclusion, you should take plenty of time to draft your need statement for grant proposal example. Since needs statement can make or break the chances of securing a grant so you have to put out a persuasive statement that will be the key to your success.

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