Printable Hotel Receipt Templates (Word / PDF)

The hotel management requires a hotel receipt template to create a receipt that they give to their guests when they have paid the bill. It acts as evidence that the guest has paid for their stay in the hotel. Furthermore, this comprehensive document states how much money a specific guest has to pay the hotel for the stay.

There are different sizes and formats of hotel receipts depending on the business’s preferences. Typically, they contain the following important information;

  • The guest’s personal information
  • The dates of the stay
  • The room rate
  • The prices of amenities
  • The prices of meals and services offered
  • The total payable amount
  • Hotel details
  • Payment details

Professionally formatted receipts simplify the process of billing for the hotel manager. For efficiency and better time management, most hotels use pre-made hotel receipts.


The essential components of hotel receipt:

Depending on the preferences of the hotel owners, a hotel receipt can be simple or detailed. A well-crafted receipt should contain the following essential components;

Identifying information

Including identifying information in the receipt is important for easy tracking and identification of a guest’s payment. These details are as follows;

  • The receipt number: To keep track of your receipts easily, they must contain a unique receipt or invoice number. If you have several receipts issued to the same customer then also include the booking number (acts as a link between the receipt and the booking).
  • The date: Specify the date on which the receipt is generated and given to the guest.

Hotel Details

The details of the accommodation facility should be included in the receipt. In this section of the hotel receipt, provide the following information;

  • Hotel name: Specifying the complete legal name of the hotel receiving the payment is essential as it indicates professionalism. Also, it can market your business through customer referrals.
  • Contact number: Mention the hotel’s contact number so that the guests can contact you if they have any questions about the payment or want to book a reservation at the hotel. To make it easier for customers to contact your hospitality establishment, include a hotel or motel toll-free number (if have one).
  • Address: include the physical and email addresses of your business such as;
    1- The street address
    2- City or province
    3- Country
    4- Postcode
    5- Business email address or fax number
    6- The website link

Client’s details

To correctly determine the parties to be billed, specify the personal information of the guest and their contact information. If you need to contact the guests in the future, it would be helpful to include the client’s information. In addition, this section of the hotel receipt should contain the client’s name, address, and contact details.

Transaction details

This part should list the items in detail that contribute to the overall amount payable. Prepare this section carefully because this is the most critical section of an invoice. Itemize all of the charges to make it convenient for the customers. Mention the following information here;

  • Room number: On the receipt, mention the guest’s room number and the room service expenses.
  • Name: specify the unique identifying name of the room in the receipt.
  • Check-in and check-out dates: The invoice should include the dates the guest checked into the hotel and checked out.
  • Number of nights: To determine the total bill, specify the number of nights that the guest occupied the room.
  • Charges per night: This sub-section of the invoice details the room rate per night. These rates help you calculate the total bill.
  • Line total: It is the total payable amount. You can calculate the line total by multiplying the total number of nights the guest occupied the room with the per-night room rate plus any additional charges for extra services. The additional charges may include parking fees, swimming pool fees, room service, meals, transportation, etc.

Payment amount details

The hotel receipt should also include a coherent summary of the entire bill. For easy understanding of the receipt, specify the charge per item. It is also essential to list all costs individually for the clarification of your customers. Typically, this section details the following;

  • Subtotal: Enter the calculated total amount in the subtotal section.
  • Sales tax: The total amount of money charged as taxes for a certain transaction is referred to as sales tax.
  • Total: To calculate the total amount payable, include taxes in the subtotal.
  • Paid: This sub-section indicates the advance payments made by the customer.

Other details to include in this part of the hotel receipt are the total due, payment method, and card or check number.

Hotel Receipt Template Pdf

hotel receipt template pdf
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Hotel Invoice Template Word

hotel invoice template word
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Hotel Invoice Template Excel

hotel invoice template excel
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Free Hotel Invoice Template

free hotel invoice template
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Fake Hotel Receipt Template

fake hotel receipt template
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Create Hotel Receipt Template

create hotel receipt template
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Printable Hotel Receipt Template

printable hotel receipt template
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Hotel Acknowledgement Receipt Template

hotel acknowledgement receipt template
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Blank Hotel Receipt Template

blank hotel receipt template
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Size: (18 KB)

Hotel Receipt Template Free Download

hotel receipt template free download
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Some tips for creating a hotel receipt:

Here are some tips that the hotel management should consider while creating a hotel receipt;

  • At the time of check-in, you should receive complete information about the guest. Ask for a copy of the guest’s ID document to ensure their identity.
  • Facilities like the hotel bar and the swimming pool can be available to guests during their stay. Charge these services separately from the room rate. Create a section in the hotel receipt to indicate such charges.
  • Leave space for the signatures of the guests.


What is a hotel receipt?

A hotel receipt is a legal document issued by the hotel to its customers. It is an invoice that serves as proof of payment the guest has paid to the hotel.

What should the hotel services table contain?

The hotel services table should contain the following;
1- The room number
2- Number of nights
3- Price per night
4- The total

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