Free Minnesota Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Form (Word)

In the state of Minnesota, you will need a Minnesota motor vehicle bill of sale form while selling, buying, or registering a car. This document serves as legal evidence of the sale. In case, there are any issues regarding the vehicle, the bill of sale can prove very useful.

The new owner requires a Minnesota motor vehicle bill of sale while registering and titling the vehicle in their name. Generally, when registering the vehicle, the title of the vehicle is sufficient. The Office of the Deputy Registrar will require a bill of sale in case any important details be missing.

Other requirements:

A Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney and an Odometer Statement are some other documents that you may need while registering a vehicle.

  • The power of attorney is used when on behalf of the new owner, someone else is registering the vehicle.
  • Any vehicle that is under 16,000 pounds and is under 10 years old, the Odometer Disclosure Statement is a Federal form needed for them.

These forms aren’t provided by the Minnesota Registrar.

Information required for a Minnesota motor vehicle bill of sale:

  • The selling date of the vehicle
  • The complete names of seller and buyer as well as their mail address
  • Vehicle’s description including the VIN, make, model, year, color, and body type
  • Condition of the vehicle
  • The selling price of the vehicle
  • Some details relevant the purchase agreement
  • The signatures of the seller and the buyer

Registering a vehicle in Minnesota:

In case, you are registering a vehicle for the first time, then to register and title it, you have 30 days from the date of purchase. New residents to Minnesota to register their vehicle in the state have 60 days from the time they have established residency. At your local DVS Deputy Registrar’s office, you can register it in person or by mail by submitting Form PS2000.


The documents that are required to register a vehicle in Minnesota:

The following documents are required while registering and titling a vehicle in Minnesota;

  • An existing and valid Minnesota Driver’s License
  • A Minnesota motor vehicle bill of sale
  • Federal Odometer Disclosure form
  • The vehicle’s Certificate of Title. In case, the Certificate of Title has been lost or damaged, by filling out the Form PS-267A you can request a duplicate.
  • An Application for Registration and Title
  • Funds that are required to cover the appropriate Registration fees
  • Evidence of insurance along with a registered Minnesota vehicle insurance provider.
  • You will have to complete a Vehicle Power of Attorney in case you are registering the vehicle on behalf of the owner. You can acquire it from an attorney or template.

In the state of Minnesota, private sellers of a motor vehicle also have to submit a Report of Sale. It can be done via online. A Statement of Facts must be completed in case the vehicle has no ownership record.

Furthermore, you will have to complete a Release or Grant of Secured Interest in case there is a lien on the title of the vehicle that has been paid.


Free Minnesota Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

Minnesota motor vehicle bill of sale form
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Minnesota Car Bill of Sale Form

Minnesota car bill of sale form
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Fees and Taxes:

For taxing vehicle registrations in the state of Minnesota, they use an “ad valorem” system. This means that taxes are identified in proportion to the amount the vehicle was sold for. Also, the vehicle’s age is taken into account. The tax is generally $35.00 for vehicles that are 10 years or more in age. By calling the Motor Vehicle Registrar on 651-297-2126, you can search for what your registration tax amount will be. The fees charged for registering the vehicle will vary on the basis of the vehicle type that you have.

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