Printable Legal Cover Letters (Word / PDF)

Your legal cover letter should be effective if you are looking for a legal position in a firm. Keep in mind that your cover letter is your first introduction to your potential employer and first impressions are lasting. So, you have to put your best effort in creating one. The cover letter makes you able to sell your own suitability for your target legal job.

What to include in your legal cover letter?

Your cover letter should consist of the following four main paragraphs;

The opening paragraph

In the opening paragraph, you have to describe the position you are applying for and how you came to know about the job. You may know about the job via a social media platform, a newspaper advert among other sources. Writing an effective opening paragraph will enhance your chances of getting the job. Furthermore, you have to be concise with your information.

Second paragraph

Here, you should explain to the job recruiter who you are. This paragraph indicates your qualifications, skills and experiences so it is the most essential part of a cover letter. Keep this paragraph straightforward and include the skills and experiences that can be backed by your resume if needed. Highlight recruiter on how these qualities can benefit the firm with practical proof from the resume.

Third paragraph

In this paragraph, inform the recruiter that why you are specifically attracted to the legal organization or firm. Highlight the recent cases of interest, if possible. This way, you can develop the job recruiter interest in your skills and knowledge and consequently they invite you for an interview. You may also like Cover Letter for Internship.

Closing paragraph

You have to mention in this paragraph that you have enclosed any necessary attachment or document according to the job advertisement. Usually, job ads need your C.V or Resume and photocopies of your documents. Moreover, specify that you look forward to hearing from the firm. Describe any other issues they might have asked like salary expectations and so on.

Things to avoid while writing a legal cover letter:

Failure to write a cover letter

Failing to include a cover letter when sending their CV is one of the mistakes that most people do. Applicants may include statements such as ‘resume attached’ or worse still, add nothing at all instead of uploading a cover letter.

Your cover letter is an effective way that encourage your reader to go through your resume and other attached documents. It is the cover letter that measures your writing skills for the legal position. In case, you don’t attach the cover letter, it may show to your potential employer that you are not interested in the job.

Failure to follow instructions

The second mistake that applicants can do is failing to follow instructions while writing a legal cover letter. It is essential to follow the instructions that are mentioned in the job advertisement. Failing to follow the instructions may not make a good first impression. In addition, it also shows you as a careless person. If you make sure that all the employer’s instructions are followed, you will stand a higher chance of getting the job.

Generic cover letter

Don’t write a generic cover letter. You should make sure to write the skills that qualify you for the job. Never include irrelevant information.

A weak opening

Lastly, your cover letter shouldn’t have a weak opening. You should just include those skills that make you the best candidate for the post as well as motivates the hiring employee to want to know more about you. You may also see the Entry Level Cover Letter.

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In conclusion, a legal cover letter should reflects the job advert. It should discusses how the application meets each and every requirement mentioned in the posting. To make sure that your cover letter is impeccable, you should indicate the availability of each and every requirement that is listed.

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