Free Entry Level Cover Letter Templates (Word)

An entry level cover letter is a special type of cover letter written in a favor of a person who is applying for the employment position first time. The letter highlights the applicant’s academic achievements and skills that are relevant to the job position he is applying for.Entry level cover letter

How to write an entry level cover letter?

Here are the steps to write an entry level cover letter;


You should draw a nexus between your skills and the challenges posed by the vacancy you are applying for. For this, find out the requirements of the job thoroughly and know what challenges to look up to. This way, the hiring manager may consider you a serious applicant. You may also like Cover Letter for Internship.


If possible, you should try to get some inside information about the stated job. For any clarification, you can get contact a representative of the company. Never use a language that may be considered canvassing. This is because it will lead to automatic disqualification.


You have to list your skills and qualifications as you don’t have any experience in the job. Moreover, make sure that all the skills perfectly align with the requirements of the job you are applying for. This step is important. It enhances your chances of being picked for an interview.


Think how to begin matters a lot. You have to open the letter well. Your opening statement should be quite enthusiastic and full of zeal. Don’t forget to name the right position you are applying for.


For a call for an interview, to make you well-placed, you have to explain your skills in further detail. Detailed explanation means you have to include the following;

  • course projects
  • personal experiences
  • internships
  • leadership roles you may have held in the past
  • the roles that may contribute to your productivity


There are some achievements that you have to portray quantitatively. This means, with the aim of making those achievements easier to interpret, you are assigning numeric values to them. For example, you can say that your persistence in class bolster your performance by a whopping 10%.


After drafting the letter, you should leave a professional closing. In the end, you should let the recruitment manager know that you are interested in the job and would do anything to obtain it. Additionally, you can also state that if granted a chance to work there inform to the manager that you will add much value.

Free Entry Level Cover Letter Template

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Entry Level Email Cover Letter Sample

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In conclusion, you should make an entry level cover letter in such a way that it enhances your chances of getting the position you are applying for.

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