Printable Key Log Template (Excel, Word, PDF)

The key log template helps you to keep a track of key issuances and returns, and other necessary information. Keys are very important devices in any organization or business because they are used to access all departments that a company has. Moreover, the key log is a document that is used to track and monitor all the keys that a certain organization has.

In addition, the key log template also consists of a page that has various sections for providing information about the issuance of keys. It allows you to include the following information;

  • Name of a person
  • Key number
  • Date and time of issuance of keys
  • Signature of a person who has approved the document.

However, with the help of a key log, you can easily find out the key. It also prevents you from misplacing keys. It assists you to keep a track of a number of keys on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You may also like Vehicle Log Book Template.

Who can use a key log?

A key log can be used by many companies, hotels, institutes, and building management to remember the location of a key. Many large scale industries such as companies or organizations use it for their transportation system.

How do you make a key log?

Here are 5 steps that you can follow for making a key log;


Firstly, make a table that contains various rows and columns. You can also download a key log template from the internet.


Secondly, write the title at the centre of your document.


After that, enter the information in the table like key serial number, location of the lock, date and time of key issuance, name of a person, and his/her signature.


Next, write the date and time that when the keys have returned by a person.


At the bottom of the document, write the name of the person who has approved a log. Also, leave a space for his/her signature.

What are the functions of key log templates?

Functions of key log templates are discussed below;

  • When you are formatting your document then the key log template is a helpful tool that is used as a reference.
  • A well-made key log template enables you to effectively monitor and track several keys that are going in and out of a certain department.
  • Most importantly, it provides you simplest way of making your document.
  • Furthermore, if you use this template then you have assured that you have included all important information needed in a key log. You should also check the Truck Driver Log Book Template.

Printable Vehicle Key Log Template

printable vehicle key log template
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Size: (61 KB)

Office Key Log Template

office key log template
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Size: (215 KB)

Key Tracking Log Template

key tracking log template
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Size: (26 KB)

Key Decision Log Template

key decision log template
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Size: (34 KB)

Key Control Register Log Template

key control register log template
File Format
Word (doc, docx)
Size: (83 KB)

Key Control Log Spreadsheet

key control log spreadsheet
File Format
Excel (xls, xlsx)
Size: (14 KB)

Free Key Inventory Log Sheet

free key inventory log sheet
File Format
Excel (xls, xlsx)
Size: (30 KB)

What is the importance of the key log template?

Many people don’t have enough time to create a well-presented template. Therefore, they always find a simple and precise template for conveniently develop a key log. It saves your time because this template allows you to create any document within a fraction of seconds. However, people used it for locating keys. It also informs people about the usage of keys in a day. You may also see the Exercise Log Template.

In conclusion, a key log template is a professionally well-designed document that allows you to record and monitor keys being used during a certain time period.

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