Truck Driver Log Book Template

Truck Driver Log book Template is intended to be a trucker’s new closest companion. This easy to use layout can make recording your everyday assignments and exercises the simplest thing you will do out and about. The trucker logbook is accessible as a moment download on this page cordiality of Just tap on the connection situated on this page to start utilizing this convenient format today.

The trucker logbook comes as a clear Microsoft Excel layout. Anybody with fundamental information of Microsoft or Excel ought to have positively no issue utilizing the format.

What’s more, that is not all. You can include the organization’s name, logo and deliver rapidly and effortlessly to the trucker logbook. You can likewise include the present day, month and year for your day by day log, and in addition your name and distinguishing proof number.

As composed, adding data to the Microsoft trucker logbook is a snap. The initial step is to include the date of the occasion. Next, include the time. You are allowed to utilize military or standard time, whichever you incline toward. At last, include notes for the occasion, for example, where you were, what you did, or what you dropped off or got.

Truck Driver Log Book Template Excel

With the Microsoft trucker logbook, you can report when you were:

  • On holiday
  • On Duty
  • Resting
  • Driving

All components included in this is of the trucker logbook are adjustable and made because of the client. Don’t hesitate to be inventive so the trucker logbook works best for you.

Guide to Use Truck Driver Logbook Template:

Truck Driver Log Book Template

  • Enter the date into the date row that is the first one as in this example shown Friday today, and date id 27/2/2009.
  • Enter the day that is today. As in template Friday is shown.
  • Vehicle that is being drive by the driver write the number of vehicles that are passing through or going on the site.
  • Write the number of the vehicle in the Trailer’s column section
  • Driver’s name: write the driver name who is going to drive the vehicle for the security purpose. Because he will be responsible for any loss of the vehicle therefore, enter the name of the driver here.
  • Write the name of the company who is facilitating with the transportation and if the company has its own transportation then write the company’s own name in this space.
  • To Shipping documents and shipping company: write the name of the company to whom the docs or parcel is shipping.
  • If the driver of the vehicle has the co-driver also mention his name there and his I.D number for the details.
  • Address and the terminal time should be mentioned on the log template for the data maintenance record purpose.
  • In multiday recap put all the mileage information, that how many used today and still remaining, as well as how many left for the tomorrow round.
  • Activity and location is automatically tracking by the template when driver drive the vehicle.
  • At the end, when truck enters in organization the meter automatically calculated the meter and mileage readings.

The Truck Driver Log book Template excel is very useful for record maintenance for transportation purposes.

Truck Driver Log Book Template Excel (Xls) Free Download:

Download:  Truck Driver Logbook Template

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