Professional Cleaning Service Contract Templates (Word / PDF)

A cleaning service contract template is a tool used to create an agreement between the parties when either of them wants to hire a cleaner to wash, vacuum, mop, dust, and related labor.

What is a cleaning service contract?

A cleaning service contract is a legal agreement between a client and a cleaner or a cleaning company. This agreement specifies the terms and conditions of the arrangement between them as well as the cleaning services that the cleaner will provide.

Furthermore, a cleaning service contract is a legally binding contract if executed properly. After signing the agreement, both parties have to fulfill their obligations. This agreement is also known as;

  • Maid service agreement
  • Housekeeping agreement
  • House cleaning agreement
  • Janitorial services contract

When to use a cleaning service agreement?

Whenever individual cleaners and cleaning companies sell their services, they should use a written agreement. A cleaning service agreement is generally created by cleaners when they take on a new client. In addition, they use this document to schedule cleaning services on a recurring basis or for a one-time job.

Why should you create a cleaning service contract?

Creating a cleaning service contract helps to set clear expectations and reduce the risk of miscommunication. This also reduces the chance of unpleasant disagreements and legal disputes. The agreement states the cleaner is an independent contractor, not an employee.

With the help of a cleaning service agreement, freelance maid or janitor manages their clients and maintains their self-employment records. In addition, it allows the clients to communicate their expectations for the types of cleaning they want and the details of services. Also, it clearly states that a cleaner or a cleaning company just has to perform the services specified in the contract.

What to include in a cleaning service contract?

A cleaning service contract should include the following details;

Contact details

The contract includes the names and mailing addresses of the cleaner or a cleaning company and the client. If invoices or legal notices will send from one party to another then mailing addresses are important to include.

Contract duration

The contract’s start and end dates need to be included in the agreement.


State the following details clearly in the agreement and make sure the client satisfaction;

  • The work schedule
  • Areas that require cleaning
  • Types of cleaning products
  • Occasional tasks
  • Any restrictions on services


The contract should spell out the amount of compensation in order to make sure that the cleaner is paid in a timely manner. Also, specify whether they charge an hourly rate or a flat fee.

Independent contractor status

You must state in the contract that the cleaner is not an employee of the client, instead, he is an independent contractor responsible to manage their own work and to pay income taxes.


To make the contract legally enforceable, it must be signed by both parties. Before executing the document, you should thoroughly review it. The contract becomes legally binding once it has been signed.

Home Cleaning Services Agreement Template

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Free Cleaning Service Template

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Printable Cleaning Service Template

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Cleaning Service Agreement Template Word

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Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to find the best cleaner?

Consider the following tips to find the best cleaner and get the best service possible;
1- Ask family and friends: ask someone in your family and friends who has hired a cleaner whether or not they would do a good job for you.
2- Use the Internet: search online to find the best services and select one that has received good reviews.
3- Compare the candidates: compare all the candidates and then see what they offer you.

How do you get a cleaning service contract?

The least expensive and simplest way to get this contract is to download a cleaning service contract template online. After that, write your legal documentation once you and the other party are ready to make a deal.

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