Free Research Informed Consent Form (Word / PDF)

A research informed consent form is used while doing research using human beings. Informed consent indicates going over the details of the research being done, any medications, risks potential, and benefits. The participants have to give this consent before entering into any research facility.

What is a research informed consent form?

A research informed consent form is a document used to aware the participants of their responsibilities and researching liabilities. The participants of the research have to sign this form after studying all of the details. There are two separate stages of the standard consent process;

Stage#1; information is given in this stage. Time is provided to participant to reflect upon that information. They have no responsibility to respond or agree to anything.

Stage#2; in this stage, the consent is obtained. The research project’s terms are gone over individually. Before participants participate in the research, they agree to each of these terms. Consent has been given when the Research Informed Consent Form has been signed.

Furthermore, all researchers must make sure that during the research and after they comply with the General Data Protection Regulation. Also, you need to gain consent for the photos or filming that you are involving in the research.

If something happens to a participant, this type of document is used to protect the people and the organization in researching liability issues. If, without it, during the research the participant will become injured or ill they can sue the organization and researchers as there is no evidence that they were legally made aware of any risks. In addition to this, the researchers become liable if a threat is not mentioned in the consent form. Therefore, it is very important to clearly disclose all of the facts and information about the research being done. You may also like a child travel consent form.

When should you use a research informed consent form?

Written consent forms are used in the following conditions;

  • If the research project has various stages or is complex.
  • Initial access to participants needs that written information is given.
  • You should have extra evidence that the participants understood the consent terms.

What should be included in the consent form?

Your research informed consent form should include the following information;

  • The title of the research study being done
  • The contact details of the leading researcher overseeing the project
  • Detailed information on the study’s purpose
  • Details regarding what procedures will be used
  • Any risks to the participants
  • Any benefits
  • If compensation is given to the participant, include a compensation section as well
  • In case, a participant not wish to contact the primary researcher directly, then provide an alternative contact details
  • The participant and the researcher signatures
  • The date when the form is signed

Sample Informed Consent Form for Proposal

sample informed consent form for proposal
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Research Informed Consent Form Sample

research informed consent form sample
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Research Informed Consent Booklet

research informed consent booklet
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Informed Consent Form Template for Clinical Trials

Informed Consent Form Template for clinical trials
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Fillable Research Informed Consent Form

fillable research informed consent form
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Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)

For research, is informed consent a requirement?

Informed consent is a requirement while doing any type of clinical research. In the procedure of informed consent, all of details is given to the participant to make an informed decision to participate. It has to indicate that the participant voluntarily agreed to take part in the research and aware of all the risks and procedures involved.

How long does an informed consent valid?

This form, in general, valid for a period of 30 days or the duration of the study.

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