Free Hair Salon Independent Contractor Agreement Template (Word / PDF)

A hair salon independent contractor agreement template is an agreement between a salon owner and a self-reliant hairdresser. This document lays down the legal understanding between them. In the contract, the hairdresser acts as a self-reliant stylist. He is responsible for acquiring his or her customers.

In other terms we can say that in exchange for an agreed-upon commission of the hairdresser’s sales, the owner only gives the shelter, the tools, and training.

What to include in a hair salon independent contractor agreement template?

A hair salon independent contractor agreement should be legally and adequately drafted. It has to include a contract between the Salon Company and hairdresser. This binding agreement secures the salon company and your independent stylist. The IRS uses this document as proof that the hairstylist is not an employee but an independent contractor.

Moreover, this document contains the lease/ rent rates and the way of cancellation in case of any can take place. The duration of the contract should also present in the agreement. It also states what the contractor will get in exchange for the chair rental. You should also let the stylist to use the salon reception and phone.

Also, bear in mind, the agreement must also outline your responsibilities as the salon owner. These responsibilities include the following;

  • Paying the salon’s taxes
  • Securing the salon’s property from damages
  • Carrying out the suggested repairs

In the agreement, you should clearly state that it’s the responsibility of the hairstylist to clean up the workstation and present his or her liability insurance and license.

For paying the taxes, who is responsible?

An independent hairdresser is responsible for all taxes about his or her employment. You as the owner will only be liable for your business and property taxes. He is also responsible for his or her liability and health insurance.

For setting the prices and collection of money, who is responsible?

For setting the prices and collection of money, independent hairdressers are responsible. They also have to organize their business books. The clients have to pay the stylist directly. This indicates that you don’t have to give the hairdresser with a paycheck. Also, the stylist’s customers will not pay you. Most preferably, when obtaining payments via their mobiles, each independent hairdresser will use salon software. You should also check internship confidentiality agreement templates.

Barber Shop Independent Contractor Agreement Template

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Hair Salon Independent Contractor Agreement Template

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The upsides and cons of a hair salon independent contractor agreement:

It is the responsibility of hair salon independent contractors to handle their taxes, paperwork, and clients. Therefore, selecting this option shows that the salon will be full of colleagues and not just employees. Since you are collecting rent, this also indicates that you are not in any way obliged to pay salaries that makes your overhead salon costs more manageable. There is no need to offer health insurance, retirement plans, or paid vacations.

Renting out the chairs provides a capacity salon. Your stylists will have to bring in as many customers as possible. Their determination and zeal to grow their business by working hard makes sure you get to enjoy more profits. Since every independent stylist will be establishing a clientele base that is unique and different from each other, you also get a lesser turnover.

Additionally, while the stylist fails to show up, the agreement removes the possibility of having to cover for appointments and making schedules.

However, mostly saloon owners generally feel like a hair salon independent contractor agreement can make you lose control as you can’t control what happens between clients and the stylist. The procedures and techniques that you prefer, you also can’t implement them. There will be a competitive environment instead of a collaborative team in your salon as each stylist is working independently.


In conclusion, you have to make sure a hair salon independent contractor agreement template determines the important aspects so that both you and the stylist are on the same page.

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