Free Internship Confidentiality Agreement Templates (Word, PDF)

An internship confidentiality agreement is an agreement signed between you (the sponsor/employer) and the intern in order to keep confidential information private in every way possible. When an individual is employed as an intern, they will get confidential information like financial transactions, trade secrets, marketing strategies, and more. Therefore, this agreement is made in order to compel the interns to legally bind by the secret.

At first, you should test whether or not the intern keep the information confidential. If he/she keeps the information confidential then the Internship Confidentiality Agreement won’t be necessary. But, if he/she doesn’t keep it secure, you should prepare to sign the agreement.

Basic contents:

If you want to write one such agreement then make sure to include important information that will make your intern know exactly what information is considered confidential. You should keep in mind that an intern can be a student, graduate, or someone who isn’t well experienced. Therefore, they don’t know how well to treat sensitive information. You should explain in detail the specifics of the company/business.

A permit to use the information

It is important that you should explain how they should use or handle confidential information as it is their first experience with such information. Bear in mind that if the interns don’t understand how to use the information, there is the chance that the information will be mismanaged.

Methods of returning confidential information

All the interns that work in your organization will not be directly absorbed into your company. At one point, some interns will leave in time by having this in mind. When they are accessed to sensitive information then you will have to introduce a method in which they return the proprietary information.

Confidentiality clause

This section is used to cover your proprietary interests. It also defines conditions of the agreement. On the terms and conditions of confidentiality, it is suggested that you go-in depth with your explanation. This area can be as long as one page or even more on the basis of your confidentiality agreement. In addition, include the term after which the agreement expires.

General provisions

The general provisions depends from one organization to the other. They are included at the right end of the agreement form. The main include the severability, integration, and waiver.


An internship confidentiality agreement’s last statement is the ‘in witness whereof’ statement. In simple words, the interns add the date in which he or she affix their signature. When both the parties affix their signature on the agreement, they agree to the terms and conditions of the agreement. You should also check cover letter for internship.

Internship Confidentiality Agreement Template

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Internship Confidentiality Agreement NDA Template

internship confidentiality agreement NDA template
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Confidentiality Agreement for Student Form

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Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)

When should you consider asking your interns to complete an Internship Confidentiality Agreement?

When there are chances of interns being accessed to private and confidential information, they should complete an internship confidentiality agreement. There may be no need to go for this agreement in case intern is assigned in a work area where little or no confidential information is shared.

Should the Internship Confidentiality Agreement deal with the issues like publication pre-review and intellectual property?

The Internship Confidentiality Agreement generally makes you able to use confidential information without disclosing them to the public. In a separate agreement, the actual conduct of a project is covered.

What to do if the Internship Confidentiality Agreement is violated?

If the agreement is violated, the interns face the threat of being sued and may pay for all the financial damages caused by the violation.

What does make an Internship Confidentiality Agreement legally binding?

The confidentiality or trade secret agreement is the thing that makes the non-disclosure agreement binding. The agreement becomes a legal document when both parties involved agree to sign the agreement. Also, both of them have to stick to the confidential practices mentioned in the document.

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