Free Wyoming LLC Operating Agreement Templates (Word / PDF)

The owners or members of a business use Wyoming LLC operating agreement template to specify ownership, capital contribution, member responsibilities, how profits and losses are shared, and build operations. LLC members generally make an operating agreement to secure their assets and avoid double taxation by making sure their profits and losses go via their income.

The benefits of LLC operating agreement:

Let us discuss below a few benefits of operating agreement;

Avoid disagreement

A Wyoming LLC operating agreement can assist you in preventing disagreement that may arise between the members. Moreover, the agreement gives a complete guideline for any issues or misunderstandings members may have about the structure and management of the business. As an outcome, multi-member LLCs are likely to get the most from this benefit.

Extra protection

The operating agreement makes sure that the member’s assets are secured in case lawsuits filed against the business in a court of law. It gets this by allowing members to separate their personal and business assets. Therefore, the LLC members are placed in a stronger legal position.

Easy banking

An LLC operating agreement is implemented by the businesses as additional proof of the validity of the entity. The evidence of an entity’s validity makes the bank able to allow the LLC to open a business bank account or apply for loans.

Operational flexibility

A Wyoming LLC operating agreement allows an LLC to make decision on a profit-sharing formula that are according to the company’s best interests. It also makes sure that members make decision on a management structure that will according to the operations of the LLC.

Legitimize business

Before the eyes of potential partners or investors, the LLC operating agreement assists the business in portraying an organized perception. The investors and partners are likely to be attracted to the business. This is because the document’s outlined operational and management structure. Therefore, the LLC is able to grow and establish ties with third-party investors.

State’s recommendation

In Wyoming, the LLCs are not legally needed to have an operating agreement. However, it is suggested that businesses have it in place. The operating agreement assists the business in regulating its internal structures and operations.

What to include in a Wyoming LLC operating agreement?

You have to include the following information in an operating agreement;


The date when the LLC was formed, the names of its members, and how ownership has been divided among them should be included in the agreement. Before the information is indicated in the LLC operating agreement, all the members should make sure that they agree with how ownership is divided.

Management and voting

In the agreement, you should also specify whether an appointed manager or a member manages the business. The LLC operating agreement should also highlight the voting structure members have decided to use.

Withdrawal of the members

The document should indicate the terms and conditions members must follow to withdraw from the LLC. The terms and conditions mentioned in the operating agreement when withdrawing from an LLC, Wyoming’s Limited Liability Act stipulates that members must comply with them.


The Wyoming LLC operating agreement must specify how profits will be divided between the members of the business. The LLC can have to distribute profits equally or according to a member’s capital contribution.


The situations that may warrant the dissolution of the LLC and the process that should be followed must be outlined in the operating agreement.

Transferability of interests

The operating agreement should indicate whether the company interests can be transferred. Without the consent of other members, a member can transfer their company interests even when the operating agreement does not address transferability.

Wyoming LLC Operating Agreement

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Free Wyoming LLC Operating Agreement Template

free wyoming llc operating agreement template
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In conclusion, you must make sure that all aspects of the business are mentioned in a Wyoming LLC operating agreement template as this agreement protects their assets and avoid double taxation.

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