Free Printable Membership Application Forms (Word, PDF)

The membership application forms are a gateway for all organizations. So, to welcome prospective members you have to make this form simple and easy to fill. This is because it represents that you are welcoming and understanding. By filling this form, prospective members connect with your organization virtually. Moreover, it informs others about your organization. With the help of this form, every member introduces himself or herself to the organization.

What should a membership application form involve?

The main purpose of the membership application form is to gather transaction information about an organization. Hence, an organization encourages the participant’s participation in the organization. Moreover, it becomes able to understand the people. The most important items that a form includes are; You should also check Holiday Request Form Template.

  • Types of memberships and their entry fees.
  • Subscription terms of membership
  • Each level requirements of membership
  • Information such as name, organization, address, contact number, and Email.
  • Conditions like terms and responsibilities of membership.
  • Previous memberships
  • References
  • Affiliate information.
  • Payment options and process details.

However, these forms help an organization to manage new members. By having these forms, you can easily classify your new and preexisting members. To make the best form that fits your brand you have to take some time to figure out it. During dressing, you should use your brand fonts and colors.

How can you make your membership application form more appealing?

Here are some tips that will help you in making your application form more appealing;


At first, divide your form into sections. You should make a group of relevant information. You should bold the headings of grouped fields.


Next, the color, typeface, and graphics communicate your organization’s personality. For instance, if you are a community organization then you have to design more friendly than formal. To grab the applicant’s attention consider including your color and graphics. On the other hand, if you are appealing to professionals then you should consider the ways that speak to the audience visually.


Most importantly, make this form user-friendly.


The tone of your application form is according to the nature of your organization. Use a friendly tone but keep it precise. You may also like Church Membership Application Form Template.

Printable Membership Application Form

printable membership application form
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Pool Membership Application Form

pool membership application form
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Library Membership Application Form

library membership application form
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Individual Membership Form Template

individual membership form template
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Free GYM Membership Application Form

free gym membership application form
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Collegiate Membership Application Form

collegiate membership application form
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Club Membership Application Form Template

club membership application form template
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Basic Membership Application Form

basic membership application form
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Size: (126 KB)

How do you make a membership application form?

For new members, an application form is the first experience. Therefore, you have to make it the best. You can download these forms from any website or you can make it by yourself. To make it you have to do the following steps;


Firstly, collect personal information such as contact number, date of birth, and Email address.


Secondly, discuss the application process and any requirements for membership. You may also see the Workout Template.


Next, give information about membership levels.


Discuss in detail membership advantages.


After that, describe the payment options as well as membership fees.


Furthermore, give a link to the FAQ page.


In the end, in case of any question, give prospective members your contact number.

In conclusion, the membership application form is not just a form; it’s a gateway for any organization.

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