Free Maternity Leave Letter of Intent (MS Word)

A maternity leave letter of intent is written by an employee for requesting the time-off required to give birth, recover and take care of a newborn baby. It is a professional way of taking maternity leave at the end of the pregnancy. According to the federal law, the mother or father of the newly born baby is allowed to take up to twelve weeks unpaid off to take care of the baby.

How do you write a maternity leave letter of intent?

Let us discuss below how to write a professional maternity leave letter of intent;


Use the correct format

The leave letters are official correspondence so they should follow the standard business format. They should be typed using a standard font like Times New Roman or Arial. They should have a one-inch margin on both sides.

Address and date

At the left-hand corner, place your address and skip one line and place the date of writing.

Recipient’s address

Again skip one line after the date and add the Employer’s address. However, if you are using the company letterhead, skip this part.



For salutation, use professional greeting. Address the employer in an effective manner. No matter what relationship you have with the employer, it is essential to address them appropriately when writing formal requests.

Purpose of the letter

In the first paragraph, you have to state the reason that why they are writing the letter. The letter should be written to the point and describe why they request to be given leave and how long they intend to be away. You have to provide the specific dates of leaving and returning to work. Furthermore, if you have an incomplete project or have a considerable workload then you can state that you will do work from home before or at some point after delivery. This is something that your Employer would be open to considering.

Issue a workload proposal

In this section, you should indicate the employers that how the workload should be covered while they are away. Before taking the leave, any work or project that they won’t complete should be discussed with the Employer to assist them in creating a plan for how much work would be accomplished. Similarly, before leaving, the applicant should inform the Employer where they are and will be in case the applicant is responsible for short- or long-term projects. The applicant should also give the Employer with recommendations how they move forward with such projects in their absence.


Communication expectations

In the next paragraph, you should inform the Employer of the level of communication they want to carry while on maternity leave. During the leave period, if you plan to stay away from work entirely then you should also inform this to the Employer. If you are planning to do some work while on leave then also state that how frequently or how little you plan to check-in.

Include a transition plan

In the maternity leave letter of intent, the applicant should include a transition plan. it is important to specify the employer of any work schedule changes you think you will require when you return from leave. In the last paragraph, the applicant should include this information.

Express gratitude

In the end, close the letter by showing gratitude to the Employer for their support and allowing them to take time off work. You should state that you are grateful and appreciate them for understanding your condition.

Signature and name

In case, you are submitting a hard copy then write your name and hand sign the letter. You should type your name in case you are sending the letter via email.

Maternity Leave Letter Template

maternity leave letter template
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Maternity Leave Letter of Intent

maternity leave letter of intent
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Maternity Leave Letter of Intent Sample

maternity leave letter of intent sample
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In conclusion, a maternity leave letter of intent is a formal letter sent by the employee to the employer. It is a professional way to take maternity leave at the end of your pregnancy. This letter is a great way to formally request your employer to grant you the leave.

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