Free Oregon LLC Operating Agreement Template (Word)


An Oregon LLC operating agreement template is an internal document that highlights the company’s internal structures, policies, procedures, and operations. In Oregon, all big or small companies must strive to have this document. This agreement contains all the necessary details required for better management of the company. According to the laws of the state and Articles of Organization, an Oregon LLC operating agreement must be prepared. To avoid loses in case of litigation or bankruptcy affecting the company, the members of a company by having this agreement can separate and protect their private assets from their business assets.

The advantages of the operating agreement:

Let us discuss below some advantages of this document;



LLCs are fully allowed to run their operations and implement their own company rules and regulations. In addition, when members will decide on the company’s management structure, ownership structure, and even how profits will be distributed among its members with an operating agreement, then there is more flexibility.

Legal protection

When dealing with issues affecting the company, LLC members already have some form of legal protection. However, with an operating agreement, members can have more legal protection as they can separate themselves from the business and create it an entity on its own. Therefore, members will not experience losses of their assets in case of litigation or bankruptcy.


An operating agreement assists the company in seeming more legitimate to third parties. These may include business partners, prospective investors, lenders, and banks. Parties can see the company’s internal structure with this document so companies can easily open bank accounts, get loans, and even get more investors.

Manage disagreements

An LLC operating agreement assists in preventing disagreements between its company members. It gives an outline of how to deal with different issues that may arise in the company. In case of disputes, it can be used as a point of reference.

Some issues to be discussed:

Members should not be quick to fill the document with any kind of information while preparing an Oregon LLC operating agreement. Since this agreement is legally binding so it provides an outline of the company’s operations. Therefore, the agreement should include all the problems or issues that members have discussed as well as they are unique to the company’s operations. To avoid future disagreements or internal disputes among company members, all critical issues must be addressed in this document. In the operating agreement, some of the issues that must be discussed include the following;

  • The management structure
  • The percentage of ownership or units provided to every managing member
  • The contribution expected depend on the units provided
  • On transfer of units, the level of restriction
  • When resolving disagreements, the methods to be used
  • The presence of officers in the LLC
  • The conditions that will need unanimous agreement from majority members
  • The possibility of expelling company members and for such consequence, the circumstances
  • The rights of the members to the first refusal and first offer
  • The responsibilities of the members to protect confidential information
  • Tax payment method that is preferred by the company

Information to include in the operating agreement:

Some specific details must be found in the document for a comprehensive and valid operating agreement. Before signing takes place, you should make sure that the document has all the required information. Whether you are using a template or forming your document, you must include the following information in the Oregon LLC operating agreement;

  • Percentage of members’ ownership
  • Voting rights and responsibilities
  • Duties of members and managers
  • Distribution of profits
  • Holding meetings
  • Buyout and buy-sell rules

Oregon LLC Operating Agreement

oregon llc operating agreement
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Free Oregon LLC Operating Agreement Template

free oregon llc operating agreement template
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In conclusion, an Oregon LLC operating agreement template is a legally binding document that gives an outline of all the rules and regulations that must be observed by the company members. The agreement also gives the management structure of the LLC.

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