New Landlord Introduction Letter Templates (Word, PDF)

A new landlord introduction letter is the best way for the landlords to introduce them to new tenants. With the help of this document, they can make the transition process smooth for them. The property owners use this document to alert the tenants of personal changes.

What is an introduction letter?

This letter is written to introduce someone you know to someone else. This type of letter allows you to develop working connections that contribute to job opportunities and partnerships.


What is a new landlord introduction letter?

A new landlord introduction letter is a formal document that is written to alert the tenants of a change in ownership of a rental property. Moreover, this letter is issued due to selling a rental property, a landlord changing his estate’s control, or a landlord moving away from self-management. You can introduce new managers to keep your tenants interested in the transformation process. Also, this document provides detail on the rent payments and how to send maintenance requests. However, writing this letter is not as difficult. You may also like Real Estate Contract Termination Letter.

What to include in a new landlord introduction letter?

Every letter contains basic elements that make them a complete letter. Before writing a new landlord introduction letter, gather all the vital information you need to include. However, you should include the following information in your letter;

  • At first, introduce yourself and then the property Management Company that will be taking over the property. Include the name of the company and the website.
  • Attach a tenant form with your letter so that they fill in it with their information. They have to provide their names, contact information, number of vehicles, etc.
  • Most importantly, include detailed information about rent payment. Provide information on how they have to pay rent and who will be collecting the rent. If rent payment has to deposit on the bank then provide the bank account number.
  • You should include the contact information of the new property manager so that tenant contacts him in case of any issues arise.
  • In the end, explain how tenants can submit their maintenance requests either through email, phone, or a caretaker. State necessary steps they have to do during this process.

Some additional details include in an introduction letter:

There is also some additional information that you should include in your letter. You should consider the following additional information in your letter; You should also check the Authorization Letter to Sell Property.


Tenants update form:

In some states, the law requires updating the tenant details. You have to update the tenant details due to the following;

  • New residents move in
  • A contract is renewed
  • New management firms take over
  • Lease terms and conditions are updated.

Furthermore, it includes the details such as the tenant’s name, contact information, pets, vehicles, etc.

Property inspection date:

When you will conduct a property inspection, mention the date. It is highly a new chance to meet your new tenants. You can also talk about any maintenance that needs to be done. Additionally, state the procedure for how they can submit their maintenance issues.


Property manager:

If you want to keep the tenants on the place owned by a property management company, include this information in your letter. If you want to change the property management company then also includes it. You may also see Vendor Termination Letter.

New Landlord Introduction Letter Template

new landlord introduction letter template
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New Landlord Introduction Letter to Tenant

new landlord introduction letter to tenant
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New Landlord Introduction Letter

new landlord introduction letter
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Tenant Welcome Letter PDF

tenant welcome letter pdf
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Importance of new landlord introduction letter:

It is the perfect way for welcoming new management to your tenants. It also makes sure that they are updated with the current property changes. This document makes your tenants aware of the procedures of paying rent and issuing maintenance reports. It is issued by the landlord, the property manager, or the property management company.


In conclusion, a new landlord introduction letter is an effective tool that alerts your tenants of the change in ownership of rental property. Your letter should be professional and detailed. It must describe any adjustments specifically that require the attention of the tenant.

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