6+ Free College Transcript Templates (Word / PDF)

The college authority uses a well-designed college transcript template to evaluate the academic records of the students. This document contains a record of a student’s academic courses and grades that they earned in college.

What is a college transcript?

A college transcript is an official document that contains a record of each student’s accomplishments such as their grades and courses that they completed. The authority of the academy issues this document which is necessary for enrollment in postgraduate school or applying for a job. Moreover, it serves as proof of your college study and is also known as a student record or academic record.


When do you need a college transcript?

You always need a college transcript whenever you have to prove your academic courses and grades. You need a transcript of record (TOR) to prove your studies in the following situations;

Transfer application

If you are planning to transfer from one institute to another, you need a transcript to transfer your credits. The procedure of transferring credit requires all the accurate paperwork. A college transcript is a crucial document in this scenario.

Academic awards

Every year, educational institutions announce academic awards to students for their best performance in order to boost their confidence. They have to submit their record of studies to take part in it. Additionally, the students submit an official transcript that proves their course details and grades for the verification of their academic record.


Further studies

You need a college transcript if you are planning to further studies after your college. For enrollment in post-graduate courses, the transcript must include all the details about your studies.

For the employer

When you apply for a job, you need a transcript to prove the employers your performance and the grades you have earned in the college.


The transcript is also needed when you’re applying for an internship. Submit the transcript where you want to get an internship.


How do you write a college transcript?

Let us discuss step-by-step how to write a college transcript;

Download a template

First, download a well-designed college transcript template. It saves you a lot of time if you are responsible for handling the college’s transcript.

Include your college details

To make the transcript official, it must include the following details;

  • College name
  • College logo image
  • Address
  • Contact details

Specify courses and grade details

Here, you have to provide details about courses and grades that students achieve;

  • Course number
  • Department name
  • Total grades
  • Grades that students achieve
  • Credits earned
  • The year of study

Additional information

Make the transcript according to the purpose as a student requests. If the students have an academic career then write about their performance and awards.

Authority Signature

Affix the signature of the college authority and its stamp as well to make the transcript official.

Official High School Transcript Template

official high school transcript template
File Format
Word (doc, docx)
Size: (42 KB)

Request for High School Transcript

request for high school transcript
File Format
Size: (54 KB)

Free College Transcript Template

free college transcript template
File Format
Size: (419 KB)

High School Transcript Request Template

high school transcript request template
File Format
Size: (72 KB)

Request for High School Duplicate Transcripts Template

request for high school duplicate transcripts template
File Format
Size: (281 KB)

Final High School Transcript Request Form

final high school transcript request form
File Format
Size: (119 KB)


For a college transcript, what paper size do you need?

You need a letter size paper 8.5 x 11 inches for a college transcript. You just need to ensure that the scanned document is fully legible.

Who requires a college transcript template?

A college transcript template is required by the following;
1- High school graduates who are planning to apply for college or university programs.
2- Current college students when they want to transfer to another institution or apply for an internship or scholarship.
3- Individuals who are applying for jobs after completing a degree or certificate program.

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