Printable Auto Insurance Verification Letter (Word, PDF)

An auto insurance verification letter is a legal form that confirms the third party that the vehicle owner has auto insurance. This form is sent by the third party to the vehicle owner’s insurance provider to get the exact information about the driver’s insurance policy. Moreover, this form also helps the driver to avail of the services by insurance providers in case of an emergency such as accidents.

What basic information does an auto insurance verification letter include?

An auto insurance verification letter must include the following information;

  • Firstly, the letter contains the client’s personal information. This includes the client’s first and last name, and contact details (such as email address, contact number).
  • Secondly, provide the name of an insurance company.
  • Next, explain the insurance plan. The insurance plan contains the starting and ending date of the plan, the amount covered, exceptions, and reasons for claiming insurance.
  • If necessary, provide the agent’s name and details.
  • Also, give the contact information of the insurance company.
  • In the end, add vehicle information such as vehicle registration number, license, year, and model.

How can you create an auto insurance verification letter?

Let us discuss step-by-step how to create an auto insurance verification letter;


At first, you have to provide the client’s/insured’s personal information. This information is compulsory because it allows the insurance provider to provide an insurance policy to the right drivers. You may also like Auto Repair Invoice Template.


Next, discuss the insurance plan/coverage. The client must know the services that he may avail of after buying the vehicle. You should thoroughly explain the policies on minor and major accidents. However, different insurance companies have different policies.


After that, discuss the policy renewal dates because every policy has an expiration date. So, you must discuss the policy renewal date on the verification letter. This step also includes the company’s name, contact details, and the name of the agent.


As it’s a legal document so you should use an organized format. There are various templates on the internet that help you in writing the letter. Furthermore, it not just helps you in writing but also ensures that you have included all the necessary information.


In the end, your letter contains the signatures of all the people that are involved in the insurance policy. Leave the space for an agent and the insured signatures. It confirms that both parties have agreed with all the insurance policies. You may also see Pinewood Derby Car Design Template.

Auto Insurance Verification Letter

auto insurance verification letter
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Free Vehicle Insurance Verification Form

free vehicle insurance verification form
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Auto Insurance Verification Letter Form Template

auto insurance verification letter form template
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When do you need an auto insurance verification letter?

There are various situations when you need an auto verification letter. For registering a vehicle and for renewing your license you will need this verification letter. In addition, this document also needed in case of an accident to cover damages or pay for damages. When you are subject to credit checks and background checks then this letter also acts as a complementary document. You should also check Car Lease Agreement Template.

In conclusion, an auto insurance verification letter not only confirms that the driver has auto insurance and also in various situations it acts as an exceptional reference document. This document is also known as proof of insurance.

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