Free teacher grade book template excel is a well-known and famous among all the study institutions because it helps to follow the record of students and their attendance and their leaves, such as sick leave, urgent leave, and accidental leave. Also helps to track the marks of the students like in quizzes, in presentation, in-sessional participation, the weight of class participation, the homework, the discipline, compliance of school, college, and high school, and university rules. It also helps to track the student’s fine, the noncompliance of study institution rules and regulation. In many instructions, this teacher grade book template is used for the purpose of attendance of students in different subjects.

Every professor whether a teacher a male or female allotted with a printed page document on which sometimes the names of students are printed or sometimes fill manually. Now in this modern world as everything is going to be converted into technological product or services, also known as digital or IT (informational technology) era now many private educational institutes use this template digitally, in which data is supported by the student database system in which everything is track and accurate, this template is also used for the purpose of making the results of students exams the criteria is set according to the institute whether it is absolute or relative grading criteria.

Teacher Grade Book Template

Benefits of using teacher grade book template excel:

As information technology (IT) has made all the works easy and response rapidly so definitely this template is very helpful in carrying a great pool of information and sharing it from time to time with other in the institutes. As it is considered a very helpful tool so it has multiple following advantages which are directly associated with this:

  • Database handling.
  • Low cost for usage.
  • Track of information.
  • Controlled by the formulas which reduce the times of teachers, the time on which teachers wastes during making the attendance percentages, and many others.
  • Reduces the time.
  • Accurate information.
  • Increase the morale of teaching staff.
  • More efficient and reliable.
  • Can be customizing easily.
  • Make assessment easy.
  • Add value to the educational institutes.

How to get it implemented:

The implementation is your choice whether you want a digital or soft implementation or using a hard copy to get benefit from it, on the other side the digital is more valuable because of that benefits that are discussed above so Following are some common adaptation points:

Teacher Grade Book Template Excel

  1. Subject name.
  2. Teachers name.
  3. Assessment type.
  4. Weight.
  5. Date.
  6. Percentages in marks of Homework, classwork, tests, projects and etc.
  7. Lecture number.
  8. Students name.
  9. Running average set by the school only.
  10. Grades also determine by the institute only.

Free Editable Teacher Grade Book Template

Name of the subject:

Every standard has different subjects and in this template, all subjects name mentioning is very important to prevent from error.

Teacher name:

Every subject have different assign teacher so is also important to prevent from substitute lectures

Percentages & Grades:

It is automatically set only teachers have to put the data and the results are on their screens.

In version it is actual calm to use Teacher grade book template for its capable, confrontational, and large international use in educational institutes.

Teacher Grade Book Template Excel (xlsx) Free Download:

Download:  Teacher Grade Book Template

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