This Church Directory Template Word And Excel is utilized by the congregation’s upper administration. There is a need to perceive each individual from the congregation so the data can be stream reliably. On the off chance that the individuals from the congregation are segregated from each other along these lines, they couldn’t convey things successfully. Data Flow is extremely pivotal to be predictable with a specific end goal to make somebody mindful of something.

In this manner, catalogs are the most vital thing to keep up with a specific end goal to do powerful correspondence. The achievement is whether one thinks about each other in the association. Catalogs are the sort of books in which the names of the individuals from any of the association are recorded, their addresses, contact numbers. Truly “Registries” are said to be the bearings of lead for the individuals from the catholic and Ancient Churches.

Advantages of church directory template use:

  • Helps everybody in correspondence
  • Record of every last part
  • Communication is simple
  • It’s anything but difficult to utilize
  • Free
  • Printable
  • Locate the structure of chapel
  • Less tedious
  • Effective Data administration
  • Efficient approach to look after record

Use of the Church Directory Template:

There are straightforward strides to keep up an index for your congregation and this layout additionally be utilized for school staff, college and whatever other association.

There are 15 Easy Steps to utilize this Directory adequately that are following:

In the first place and Last Name:

In the first place and name of the individual from the congregation must be appeared in the primary section of the format. Along these lines, that each part ought to be known as their own full name.


Date of birth (DOB) of the individual from the congregation must be specified in the segment of DOB.

Church Directory Template Word
Church Directory Template Word (Doc) Download:

Download:  church directory template word

Date of enrollment:

The date on which the individual joined the enrollment of the congregation. That date must be specified in this segment. The participation status is essential in the registries.

Life partner’s First and Last Name:

Life partner is the individual with which the part is hitched to along these lines, the last and first name of that individual ought to be entered in the registry for the record reason.

Life partner date of birth:

DOB of the life partner ought to likewise be specified in the index for the record upkeep.

Road address:

The changeless and current address of the individual who is joined the participation of the congregation must be said for post and other mailing reason.

Church Directory Template Excel
City/State, Zip:

City, state, postal district of the individual or the individual from the congregation must be specified in the registry since, it is the piece of the index.

Essential or mobile phone:

Essential and other telephone points of interest of the part should be said if there. Else it is discretionary.

Email address:

Email address of the part is the most essential thing now a day. Along these lines, it ought to be said in the index if the individual is having email address.

Wedding commemoration date:

The date on which the individual is get hitched that date is called wedding commemoration date along these lines that date ought to be specified here. On the off chance that the individual or the individual from the congregation is hitched. All in all, this index would give you help in keeping data. Download the best performance church directory template in word and excel format.

Church Directory Template Excel (XlS) Free Download:

Download:  church directory template

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