Printable Waxing Consent Form (PDF)

A client has to fill out a waxing consent form before going through a waxing procedure. This form provides the client all of the necessary information they require to make an informed decision. Also, the consent form protects yourself and your salon from any liabilities if something go wrong.

Waxing is a form of hair removal. For waxing, a sticky substance is used to remove hair from the root. The waxing can be performed in most areas of the body. There are some drawbacks to waxing that includes mild pain, ingrown hairs, and some minor bleeding. Due to these reasons, consent form is essential.

What is a waxing consent form?

A waxing consent form is a document used to inform the client of what is going to be done. Once the clients sign the consent form, they are responsible for any responsibilities or ramifications. Inform them any side-effects or symptoms they may experience after waxing. Moreover, a parent or guardian also use a consent form to sign and allows a minor to have a waxing treatment.

These form are relatively to the point. You can also download a waxing consent form template from any website to get a clearer idea of what should be on the way.

The waxing consent form should have the client’s information that includes what they are having done for that session. You should also ask the client the following details;

  • Whether they have any allergies to any of the ingredients you are going to use
  • Are they undergoing any medical care for things such as cancer treatments and hyperpigmentation?
  • If they have medical conditions like diabetes.

Additionally, it is also important to find out whether they have recently had other treatments that can make the skin more sensitive. These may include alpha-hydroxy acid, Retin-A, Accutane, or glycolic peels.

The next section of this form should mention the things that are involved in the waxing treatment and anything they have to be aware of like after effects, risks, and side effects, and what result to expect. This section should be as informative as possible. Before the clients sign the form, you should ensure that they understand everything and asks any questions they may have.

After that, there must be an after treatment section. It describes to the client what they have to do when the wax treatment has been done. They must be aware of how to deal with any swelling, redness, or minor discomfort. In the last part of waxing consent form, include a statement that protects you from liability should something go wrong after treatment.

Waxing guidelines and laws:

In most states, to perform waxing treatments on others, you need to have an esthetics or cosmetology license. You may face a lawsuit in case you are not licensed and have not met your state requirements to perform waxing services. No matter whether a client signed a consent form particularly if you led them to believe you were licensed. You should also check Surgical Consent Form.

Printable Waxing Consent Form

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Indulge Waxing Consent Form

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Fillable Waxing Consent Form

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Client Information for Waxing Consent Form

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Without the parent being present, can a 16-year-old have a waxing treatment?

A minor can go to the procedure on their own as long as the parent previously consented to the treatment.

How old does a minor require to be for a waxing treatment?

Anyone under 12 will not get waxing treatment by most saloons even with the parent or guardians’ consent.

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