Free Attorney Referral Agreement Form (Word / PDF)

When the lawyer can’t handle the case brought forth to him, then he will refer the client to another lawyer who can handle the case better and the parties reach to an attorney referral agreement form.

What is an attorney referral agreement?

An attorney referral agreement is a legal recommendation of another attorney to do the legal work for another firm or lawyer and the referred lawyer will receive a certain fee upon recommendation. The fee is generally contracted among the lawyer or paralegal getting the referral and the referring lawyer. Moreover, keep in mind that the referral agreement is only limited to legal work.

What are the requirements for signing an attorney referral agreement?

The referring attorney should meet the following requirements before signing the agreement;

  • On the attorney referral agreement, the client must be given consent. In simple words, it is important to notify the client in advance before making the referral. This way, they becomes aware of any fees or details associated.
  • In the client’s case, the referring attorney should not have a conflict of interest.
  • The referring attorney having a valid license must be an active practitioner. However, the agreement will be rendered invalid in case the attorney’s license is suspended at the time when the referral is made.
  • In the field of practice, the attorney receiving the referral should be active. They should also give legal services via a civil society organization.

Numbers of referrals a referring lawyer can make:

The referring lawyer usually provides the client at least two attorneys. In some cases, the referral lawyer just have to provide only one referral attorney suitable for the particular case. The referring attorney has to provide reason to the client that why he recommends only one lawyer in case the referring lawyer is unable to make two referrals. The reasons may include the level of expertise, geographical location, or specialization.

When engaging in an attorney referral agreement, what a client require to know?

Here is certain information a client needs to know while engaging in an Attorney Referral Agreement;

  • The client has the right to retain an attorney until the one being referred.
  • The client doesn’t have responsibility to accept the referral.
  • The reasons that why the referring attorney are making recommendations to the certain attorney/paralegal.
  • The relationship that exists between the referring attorney and the one receiving referrals, the client should also know that relationship.
  • The referral fee, modes of payment, and other associated details must know by the client.

How do you write an effective attorney referral agreement?

You can include the following things in your referral agreement in order to avoid problems from happening; You may also like the Durable Power of Attorney Form.

A clear expectation of what is required

The agreement should clearly specify that what is expected from each attorney. Each attorney roles and responsibilities along with expected outcome should be stated. This will assist you in minimizing any misunderstandings from happening.

Calculate referral fee

It is essential to specify the referral fee earlier in advance. An attorney referral fee should be reasonable on the basis of the state.

Refer honest and reliable attorneys

You should make sure in your agreement that the referred attorney is reliable and competent. Keep in mind that you could be sued for malpractice if you refer an incompetent attorney. Therefore, it is essential that you refer someone who will handle the client’s case effectively.

Free Attorney Referral Agreement Form

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Printable Attorney Referral Agreement Form

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In conclusion, an attorney referral agreement form is an important document in the legal fields that allows attorneys and paralegals to share or work together in a specific case.

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