Petty Cash Receipt Template Excel And Word

Petty Cash Receipt Template Excel And Word: Petty cash is the little amount of cash that is associated with the small miscellaneous expenses of the company. It is reserved for the payment of small liabilities of the company. Means that small payment we owned from others petty cash help to pay the amount of cash that we own from others mean liabilities. It plays a very important role in the company for the small miscellaneous expenses. These petty expenses can vary from organization to organization as dependent upon the nature of the organization. Petty cash is in hand cash that is used to pay short-term liabilities.

Some of the transaction is not worthwhile for the Cheques to write for them so, we have reserved this cash that is on hand to pay those small liabilities as small transactions are made by the businesses. These are the funds’ reserved for the vendors. Sometimes vendors do not like to have Cheques of the company for the payments so the funds are used to pay those vendors directly by hand. These funds are guarded by the certain person who is responsible to maintain and safety of that fund.

These funds are reconciled by the company’s management to ensure that the balance of these all transaction and the payments by the management is balanced. This is the responsibility of the manager of the funds. It is often located in the safe location that cannot be accessed by the non-management.

Petty Cash Receipt Template Excel

Free Download:  Petty Cash Receipt Template Excel

How the Petty cash Receipt Fund Template Word & Excel benefits you:

  1. It is an appropriate and simple way to record the payments against transactions of vendors.
  2. Transparency in each of the record because each and every transaction is recorded.
  3. Updated regularly when the transaction occurs.
  4. It can also be used as a proof as it is the receipt of the expenses and payments for them.
  5. It helps to maintain budgets of the company properly.
  6. The ready-made template makes it simple to record all the multiple transactions.
  7. Simple and handy to use.
  8. Suits best to every business.

Things to include in the Template:

Petty Cash Receipt Template Word

Download:  Petty Cash Receipt Template Word

The number of receipts:

First of all, mention the receipt number on the top of the petty cash receipt template.


Mention the date on which it is made by the manager. Must mention it for the record purpose.

Description of item purchase:

The company may purchase something forms the vendor. As it may be a service or the item that may be tangible products or may be intangible service must have made the small description of the item or service purchased.


Mention the amount against each transaction you have made.

Received by:

Mention the name of the vendor to whom the receipt is issuing.

Approved by:

Then write the name or here may be the signature of the head of the fund manager by whom it is approved.

In conclusion, the petty cash receipt template excel and word helps the managers a lot to make the record of every transaction efficiently.

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