Free Law Student Cover Letter Word & PDF [Samples+Examples]

A law student cover letter is a great platform for law students to show their interest and passion for the profession. The cover letter helps the student in sharpening their skills in litigation and negotiation by securing a range of opportunities and training for them.

Important information that should be included in a cover letter:

The important information that should be included in the cover letter is as follow;

  • At first, state your important achievements that you have made as a law student. In this way, the recipient couldn’t waste his/her time looking for this significant information.
  • Next, discuss what you know about the law firm. Express those sentiments that show you understand what the company does so that you can secure an opportunity in a law firm. For instance, you can state the cases that the firm has a deal with successfully. Also, emphasize that why you are the perfect match for the position.
  • At the end of the letter, you should thank the hiring manager for reading the letter and his consideration. Try to use polite words.
  • Most importantly, share your contact information such as contact number and email address with the recipient before closing the letter. You may also like the Student id Card Template.

3 essential parts of the cover letter:

Introductory paragraph:

There are two main points that you have to discuss in the introductory paragraph;

  • Firstly introduce yourself like who you are, what currently you are doing, etc.
  • Next, explain why you are the best match for this particular firm. State the specific reasons that help you to create a connection with the hiring manager.

Body of the letter:

This part of the letter provides you the opportunity to shine and sum up exactly how you meet the requirements. Discuss your legal or current education and share your experience. Moreover, inform the firm why you want to work for it and why the firm should appoint you.

Concluding paragraph:

In the end, the concluding paragraph summarizes your cover letter, closes the loop, and leaves a positive impression. Say thank you to the reader for his consideration and assert your next steps. Also, provide your contact details that how the reader can reach you via phone or email. You should also check High School Recommendation Letter.

First-Year Law Student Cover Letter

first year law student cover letter
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Graduate Law Student Cover Letter

graduate law student cover letter
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Judicial Clerkship Cover Letter Sample

judicial clerkship cover letter sample
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Law Student Application Letter

law student application letter
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Law Student Cover Letter Email

law student cover letter email
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Law Student Cover Letter Example

law student cover letter example
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Free Law Student Internship Cover Letter Sample

law student internship cover letter
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Tips for writing the cover letter:


The most important tip for writing a cover letter is to make it personal.


Keep it concise and straight to the point. Don’t include too much information because a cover letter is not a place to be long-winded.


Try to focus on the positives. Use a professional and formal tone. In addition, use the tone that matches the law firm.


In the end, take your time and proofread it thoroughly so that there will be no grammatical or spelling errors. You may also see Scholarship Recommendation Letter.


In conclusion, a law student cover letter is a professional document so it should be well-written. A persuasive and well-drafted cover letter will definitely help you to get noticed and hired. Focus on whom you are speaking to.

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