Printable Delivery Receipt Templates (Word / PDF)

A delivery receipt template is a document that confirms the delivery of goods, services, or order. The receipt has the descriptions of goods that the buyer buys and their corresponding price tags. Some companies also attach the delivery receipts with the goods in transit.

It is always important to track the flow of the goods or services, no matter what you are selling. Both big and small companies, after every transaction, always issue their customers a receipt. This assists them in getting information that just took place. In the same way, the recipient should send a delivery receipt to the sender when a delivery has been successfully made.

What to include in a delivery receipt?

After sending an order or service to the buyer, the company has to make sure that all the important information is included in their delivery receipt. In case, any important information is missing, you may face difficulty. However, a delivery receipt should include the following important information;

  • The name of the sender either the company or individual
  • The sender’s address and the contact information
  • A detailed information of products/services being delivered
  • The cost of each rendered out product/service
  • The delivery date
  • Signatures of both the seller and the buyer

Some different types of delivery receipts:

Let us discuss below some different types of delivery receipts;

Food delivery receipt:

The receipts that are issued by food industries are known as the food delivery receipts. This type of delivery receipt includes the following information;

  • The names of the ordered foods and drinks and their corresponding prices
  • The amount of each meal ordered
  • The name of the company
  • The time of food delivery

Goods delivery receipt:

Goods delivery receipts mostly use by the business people. This receipt works with all types of goods. It includes the following;

  • The details of the delivery company/individual
  • The description of the goods being delivered
  • The date of delivery
  • The details of the recipient

Glasses delivery receipt:

Glasses have to be transported with the utmost care and diligence. In case, you receive glasses with cracks or inconsistency, you should decline the order right away. The glasses deliver receipt includes the following details;

  • The feature of the glass
  • The shape of the glass
  • The grade of the glass
  • Type of lens and frame

How do you write a delivery receipt?

Here are the tips that you should follow while creating a receipt from scratch;


You have to write the company name, address, phone number, and website at the very top of the receipt. For record-keeping purpose, this then followed by the date and the receipt number. Keep in mind that the recipient number should be unique with each item.

Delivery details

In this section, you need to provide all the information concerning the goods or services being delivered. Explain each item along with their cost. The recipient’s names addresses, and contacts should also be included.

Summary of charges

This section includes the summary of all the costs that will be/was made. Make sure that the terms of payment should be made clear and agreed on by both parties. Payments can be made via credit cards, checks, hard cash, etc.

Space for comments

For additional comments either by the buyer or the seller, you have to leave space in the receipt.


At the end of the receipt, leave some space or the delivery person and the recipient to affix their signature. This serves as an acknowledgment that the delivery has been obtained by the right person. In addition, the signatures serve as legal proof that both the seller and the buyer have finalized the transactions.

Free Delivery Receipt Template

free delivery receipt template
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Fillable Delivery Receipt Template

fillable delivery receipt template
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Hand Delivery Mail Receipt Template

hand delivery mail receipt template
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Food Delivery Receipt Template

food delivery receipt template
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Goods Delivery Receipt Form

goods delivery receipt form
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Printable Delivery Receipt Template

printable delivery receipt template
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Vehicle Delivery Receipt Template

vehicle delivery receipt template
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Car Rental Receipt Template

car rental receipt template
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In conclusion, a delivery receipt template is an important document that acts as clear evidence of transactions. Any problem that would erupt out of a transaction, the receipt can be used to settle them.

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