A general ledger template is used by the accountants to transfer the general journal transactions of the organization in to the general ledger in order to make the profit & loss, income statement, balance sheet as well as expense report. Therefore it is very mandatory for the accountants to transfer all the general journal activities in the ledger accounts for the further help.

Accounting software’s framework can make a benefit and p& L statement, a trial adjusts and an asset report, however huge numbers of these can’t be made without the utilization of an underlying general record (GL). The general record, contingent upon the sort can likewise keep a running equalization for different records. Bookkeeping experts allude to general record accounts as “T-Accounts.

General Ledger Paper Template

General Ledger Paper Word Template (DOC) :

Download:  General Ledger Paper Template

For independent companies, home office laborers and specialists, regularly all that is required is a general ledger format to begin and here, we present some Microsoft Excel layouts you can start utilizing immediately. You can make following statements without the general ledger template but it is not easy and often complicated because you have no record for the entries you make. Therefore, maintaining the accounts properly is very crucial for the accountants because they held responsible for the accountability of the organization’s financials.

The ledger may incorporate record support for components that are following:

  • Assets
  • Revenue
  • Expense
  • Capital
  • Liabilities

Ledger is a record that is utilized to record all the money related exchanges occurring in an association. This is an interminable record and is kept up in an organization for the duration of its life. This general record format is an essential report that is utilized to get the data required to detail the money related explanations of an organization like the monetary record and wage proclamation.

General Ledger Excel Template

General Ledger Excel Template:

Download:  General Ledger Excel Template

Benefits of Using this General Ledger Template:

  • It is easy to maintain the records
  • Helps to make the financial statements
  • Supports the other statements information
  • Printable
  • Easy to use
  • You can manage all the details in this
  • Efficient organization of records
  • Time SAVER
  • Efficient to use.

Guide to Use this template easily:

Ledger For Accounts Payable
You can enter all these details a mentioned above in the template to easily use this. The following columns are included in this:

Ledger Excel Template For Accounts Payable

Accounting Ledger Excel Template:

Download:  Accounting Ledger Template

1. Account

First of all you must mention the account of the ledger. Means you must write the account name as may be the ledger is prepared for the capital account, may be for the assets that company purchases, or liabilities loan, as well as may be for the suppliers or vendors accounts. Therefore, you must mention the account name for the purpose pf transferring the accounts in other statements.

2. Sheet no.

Sheet number is the company’s own number sheets so, the sheet number must be mentioned. So, if records are forgotten the general ledger sheet number helps us to recover it.

3. Account No.

Account number is also company assigned. So, this also be mentioned for the recovery purpose of the accounts statements.

sample general ledger pdf template

Sample General Ledger PDF Template:

Download:  General Ledger PDF Template

4. Date

Date of each entry must be mentioned. When you entering the general journal entries the dates of the transactions must be mentioned.

5. Description

Description must be entered about the each transaction entered in it.

6. General journal reference

Reference number of the journal must be there.

7. Transaction

  • Debit

Debit amounts are entered in this column of the transaction section.

  • Credit

Credit amounts must be entered here in this column of the transaction.

8. Balance

  • Debit

The balance of the debit section in transaction written here.

  • Credit

Credit balance of the transaction’s credit section must be entered here.

9. Total amount

In the end, the total amount must be mentioned.

In conclusion, the general ledger excel, word and pdf templates helps you to efficiently maintain your financial records.

General Ledger Template

General Ledger Template:

Download:  Ledger Template

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