sample nonprofit budget spreadsheet

Download Free NonProfit Budget Template (Excel, PDF)

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We have different budget templates here on our site, but we focus on nonprofit budget template especially because of the nature of their types of templates. We have so many […]

student id card template word

Printable Student id Card Template (Word, Excel)

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Our student ID card template (Word, Excel) here can be easily modified, so if you are a representative of a certain educational institution looking for ID card templates, we have […]

construction rfi template

Free Construction RFI Template (Word, Excel, PDF)


This article below will help you know more about what construction RFI template (Word, Excel, PDF) is, it will also help you learn about its importance, and how it is […]

information from exit interview template

Free Printable Exit Interview Templates & Forms (Word, PDF)

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Are you finding a free exit interview template and form (Word, PDF)? Being in the human resources department of the company you work at is probably something many people enjoy. […]

direct email marketing letter template

Free Printable Marketing Letter Template (Word, PDF)


The marketing letter templates (Word, PDF) we have for you here are going to help you with your business and get you more customers, buyers, suppliers, or any type of […]

free proposal rejection letter template

Free Proposal Rejection Letter (Decline Bid or Business Proposal)


A proposal rejection letter is probably the hardest type of letter to write due to their very delicate nature. The proposal rejection letter samples we have for you here can […]

medical school recommendation letter from doctor

Free Medical School Recommendation Letter Template

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We have different medical school recommendation letter templates (Word, PDF) here for you that will help you get a general idea of how a medical school recommendation letter is written […]

HR career change cover letter

Free Career Change Cover Letter Template (Word, PDF)


Career change cover letter templates (Word, PDF) are standard cover letters, with a special emphasis on your experience in order for you to change your current profession or place of […]

high school scholarship thank you letter template PDF

Scholarship Thank You Letters & Examples (Word, PDF)

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Our scholarship thank you letter templates here will help you set up your scholarship thank you letter so you do not have to go through the trouble of thinking and […]

employee loan agreement template

Free Loan Agreement Templates & Forms [Word, PDF]


Most of us have taken or given a loan to someone at least once in our life. And although in a lot of these cases, the other person was mostly […]