sample authorization letter to transfer ownership of vehicle

Sample Authorization Letter to Transfer Ownership of a Vehicle (Word, PDF)


An authorization letter to transfer ownership of a vehicle is written due to unexpected circumstances. During the transfer of the ownership of the vehicle, along with the registration of the […]

free accountant job reference letter template

Free Accountant Reference Letter (Word, PDF)

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An accountant reference letter is required by Certified Public Accountants. They use it in their applications for graduate as well as for jobs. However, a reference letter is used to […]

scholarship recommendation letter example

Free Scholarship Recommendation Letter (Word, PDF)

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When you are going to apply for a scholarship then there is a need for a scholarship recommendation letter. This letter is generally written by a person who can give […]

self-employment verification letter format

Free Self-Employment Verification Letter (Word, PDF)

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A self-employment verification letter is drafted by a self-employed person. Basically, this letter displays your income and the benefits you get from a business venture. Tax preparers prepared this letter. […]

general part-time job cover letter

Free Part-time Job Cover Letter (Word, PDF)

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If you are going to apply for a part-time position, then you have to write a thoughtful cover letter. For every part-time job cover letter is not compulsory. However, it’s […]

collegiate membership application form

Free Printable Membership Application Forms (Word, PDF)


The membership application forms are a gateway for all organizations. So, to welcome prospective members you have to make this form simple and easy to fill. This is because it […]

basic household budget template for home

Household Budget Template (Excel, Word, PD)

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A household budget template helps you to manage your family income more effectively. We all known budget is very important for every household. However, there are several apps for maintaining […]

free printable board resolution template

Free Board Resolution Template (Word, PDF)


Different kinds of board resolution templates pass by the directors when there is a need to make decisions on the behalf of the company. For documenting these decisions, a board […]

closing business letter template to customers

Free Closing Business Letter Template (Word, PDF)


The closing business letter template is used to inform shareholders that the company is going to be closed and therefore sending this letter. It helps you to inform shareholders as […]

letter of support template

Free Letter of Support Template [Word]


Letter of support template is important for government, business, organizations, and also for the students. For instance, a government may require a grant to support its developmental purposes. For an […]