At any expert workplace, the employee attendance report template is built up for keeping a note of the dependability and execution of representatives. Utilizing Excel participation spreadsheet formats, you can without much of stretch monitor participation, truants of workers, and particularly when you need to make this information of broad representative numbers in your association. These layouts are particularly made for this reason as you don’t need to go for manual posting participation stamping and after that tallying detail physically.

Everything is as of now educated and you simply need to fill in the information. In vast association, Free employee attendance report template excel formats are particularly useful in gathering data about the individual execution and commitment of representatives. You may also like the daily task list template.

Employee Attendance Report Template

Resultantly this database is utilized for execution assessment and checking the promptness sessions of every worker. It is profoundly viable for individual evaluation and one can without much of a stretch track down the aggregate work record of the association. There is a scope of components in this format that give you a chance to record data in various examples and requested way. Resultantly you can keep away from disarrays and emergence of insights. You may also be interested in a business report template.

Employee Attendance Report Excel Template

Importance and Uses of Employee Attendance Report Template

Employee attendance report sounds like a simple report with just having one purpose to note the presence of the employee at work on a daily basis. There is a number of ways in which employee attendance report can utilize in the company.

Firstly, it is important to understand what impact an employee’s absence may have on the normal working routine of the company. The indirect costs linked with the mostly absentees’ employees are the cost of staffing, scheduling tasks, re-training the alternatives, loss of productivity of work, demotivation of the workforce morale, and an increase in the turnover.

The key benefits of simple but effective employee attendance report are;

  • It records the presence of employees for all the working days.
  • It records the number of hours an employee with a certain set of duties and responsibilities has spent at the workplace.
  • It keeps the record of the workplace in-time and out-time of all the employees that can help in a number of circumstances to analyze the presence of the employee in the workplace.
  • Recording the number of hours an employee worked to perform certain task helps to understand the labor required for the task.
  • It helps the human resource department of the company to analyze the irregularities of employee punctuality with the company policy.
  • HR department shares the report with the accounts department to generate the salaries of employees.
  • It helps to monitor employee leave plans to understand casual and medical leaves been availed by the employee. This evaluation helps in the implementation of company benefits such as leave fare assistance and leave encashment.

Main Types of Employee Attendance Report Template:

There are different types of employee attendance reports based on the information they carry about the employee. The main type of attendance reports is timecard, scheduling, workforce management, cost tracking, and budget forecasting. Such employee monthly attendance record sheets in XLS format downloadable and easily available online for integration with cloud accounts.

Timecard records the workplace in time and workplace out the time of employees with the exceptions and edits by the line managers. Scheduling report helps to review employee working schedules to evaluate the shift coverage based on actual and scheduled hours comparison. The workforce management report represents historical data, employee benefits, salaries, and exceptions given to employees. Cost tracking represents information about employee salaries with reference to working hours and duties. While budget forecasting report helps in tracking and planning of labor budget.

Sample of Employee Attendance Report Template In Excel

To the extent the organization of participation format is worried, there is no strict diagram of substance. Once it can have its own special modified design for this reason taking into account the working module of association and required parameters that are utilized for appraisal and assessment. In this manner, the arrangement can change from spot to put.

However, the center motivation behind this report is to gather the yearly or month to month participation record for fundamental responsibility and commitment to work. So, we have recorded several prime components of this draft which must exit on the note. Investigate the focuses recorded beneath here;

  • Write down the name of the company on the main and key title position.
  • Write a sub-heading stating the reason for the report
  • Draw a table with the capability of manifold columns
  • In the primary column, list down your employees either haphazardly or firmly based on hierarchy or department agenda.
  • Now draw columns for all functioning days of the week & mark the attendance of human being employee attendance report template in coinciding parts.
  • Furthermore, you can add a part of late attendance, total absent count, incentives & bonuses for punctuality.

Printable Employee Leave Tracker Template Excel

Employee Leave Tracker Excel Template
File Format
Excel (xls, xlsx)
Size: (37 KB)

Weekly Attendance Template Excel

weekly attendance template excel
File Format
Excel (xls, xlsx)
Size: (441 KB)

Attendance Sheet in Excel with Formula

attendance sheet in excel with formula
File Format
Excel (xls, xlsx)
Size: (27 KB)

Attendance Sheet Template Microsoft Word

attendance sheet template microsoft word
File Format
Excel (xls, xlsx)
Size: ()

Monthly Attendance Sheet With Time in Excel

monthly attendance sheet with time in excel
File Format
Excel (xls, xlsx)
Size: (23 KB)

Free Yearly Employee Attendance Record

free yearly employee attendance record
File Format
Word (doc, docx)
Size: (94 KB)

Free Employee Attendance Tracker Spreadsheet

free employee attendance tracker spreadsheet
File Format
Excel (xls, xlsx)
Size: (27 KB)

Employee wise timecard attendance reports can also be developed using excel. This printable attendance tracker spreadsheet in excel with formulas is easy to update and extract all the key information from it. To make a time card attendance report, the following information should also be added in employee attendance report;

  • A primary column of this report looks like a monthly calendar. Other columns are added to the right to enter information about in-time, out-time, and the number of hours worked that is calculated by the formula.
  • Late-In or early-Out irregularities can also be monitored using standards integrated with formulas. There must be the status of the day in the adjacent column to nominate weekends or general holidays.
  • In the end, the comments column must be added to the wave-off irregularities of late in and early out with genuine reasons. All the information is formulated to calculate the employee’s data of irregularities, flexible timing, and leaves status.

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