Free Business Model Template (Word, PDF)

A business model template helps you to have a good idea of what you want for your business and you just need to write that up. The only thing you just need to do is to write up an idea of how your business going to be and how it will work. Most importantly, with the help of a business model template, you will create a professional business model.

What is the business model?

Generally, a business model is a company’s plan for making a profit. Models usually include information such as;

  • The products that business plans to sell
  • Target markets
  • And, any anticipated expenses.

Business models are crucial for both new and settled businesses. Moreover, they assist new companies to attract investments, recruit talent, and encourage management and staff. Settled businesses should update their business plans on daily basis. However, the business plans help the investors to assess companies that interest them. You may also like Business Continuity Plan Template.

A basic component of the business model is the value proposition. It explains the goods or services that a company offers. Furthermore, it also describes why they are desirable to customers or clients. A new enterprise’s business model would cover the following things such as;

  • Projected startup costs and financing sources
  • The target customer base for the business
  • Marketing strategy
  • A review of the competition
  • And, projections of revenues and expenses.
  • You should also check the Business Proposal Cover Letter.

Business Entrepreneurship Model Canvas Template

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Business Model Canvas IT Department Template

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Clear Plan Business Model Canvas Template

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Free Business Model Example

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Free Online Business Model Canvas Template

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Het Business Model Canvas Template

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Innovation Business Model Canvas Template

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Social Business Model Canvas Template

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Social Enterprise Business Model Canvas Template

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How to design a business model?

Let us discuss step-by-step how to design a business model;


At first, you have to define a problem you are going to solve. It can be a functional problem as well as an emotional problem. However, it depends on the product and business model you are making. You should limit your choice up to three key problems your product and service has to solve.


Secondly, define the clients for whom the problem will be solved. You should maximum define a set of three types of clients for the problems you discussed in the first step. Preferably, each problem must be matched with a customer type.


Thirdly, explain the key customer and the key problem. You have to select one among the top three customer types identified. Hence, at the end of this step, you have finally one key customer or one key problem to focus on.


Next, define a set of possible solutions. You have to list up a maximum of ten solutions that the problem can be solved with. Out of ten, narrow down the three which can be implemented easily. The solution that doesn’t take too many financial resources or time resources picks it. You may also see Business Report Template.


After selecting the solution you picked, and the customer type, you have to define a product or service. Then, describe 5 possible monetization strategies for that product or service. In the end, select the two that can be easily tested.


After that, test the product or service and its monetization plan and check which worked.


Depending on the key client, key problem, the solution you give, and the monetization model will define you have your business model.

In conclusion, a business model template enables you to create an effective business model. It defines how you are going to run your business.

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